Working Papers

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Under Review /Full Drafts Available

(Graduate student coauthors are in bold.)

Bastos, J. P., Bologna Pavlik, J. Gender and Corruption in Firms: The Importance of Regional Context. Revisions Requested.

Mahmood, T., Bologna Pavlik, J. Revisiting the Relationship Between Corruption and Press Freedom. Revisions Requested.

Pender, C., Geloso, V., Bologna Pavlik, J. Reaffirming the Wheat Boom: New Evidence for Structural Breaks in Canadian Economic Growth.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Geloso, V., Zhou, Y.  An Almost Laboratory Experiment: John Cowperthwaite and Hong Kong’s Economic Prosperity.

Mulholland, S.E., Bologna Pavlik, J. Corruption, Informal Sector Size, and Inequality?

Bologna Pavlik, J., Callais, J., Young, A. T. Revolutionary Constitutional Compliance.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Young, A. T. Public Participation and Constitutional Compliance.

Bastos, J. P., Callais, J., Bologna Pavlik, J. Corruption and the Allocation of Entrepreneurial Talent in Brazil. 

Works in Progress

Bologna Pavlik, J., Young, A. T. Can Public Participation in Constitution-Making Curb Corruption?

Bologna Pavlik, J., Ferreira, A.B. Tax Incentives and Local Business Ownership: Evidence from the Florida Enterprise Zone Program.

Bastos, J.P., Geloso, V., Bologna Pavlik, J. The Forsaken Road: Reassessing Living Standards following the Cuban Revolution and the American Embargo.

Lopez, J., Zhou, Y., Bologna Pavlik, J. Historic District Designation and the Collective Action Problem: Evidence from Cities in the United States.