Working Papers

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Under Review /Full Drafts Available

(Graduate student coauthors are in bold.)

Bastos, J. P., Bologna Pavlik, J. Gender and Corruption in Firms: The Importance of Regional Context.

Desierto, D. A., Bologna Pavlik, J. Bribe-Switching. 

Mulholland, S.E., Bologna Pavlik, J. Corruption, Informal Sector Size, and Inequality?

Lee, H.J., Hudson, D., Bologna Pavlik, J. Estimating the Impact of Wired Broadband Deployment on Rural Areas in Puerto Rico.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Ross, A. Resource Shocks, Corruption, and Local Business in Africa.

Bologna Pavlik, J. Access to Information Laws and Voter Behavior: Does Transparency Increase Participation? 

Works in Progress

Bologna Pavlik, J. Callais, J. Good for the Goose, Bad for the Gander? Corruption and Income Inequality.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Koford, B., Padilla, A., Roberts, G. Does the Perception of Immigrants Impact Public Good Provision? An Experiment. 

Bologna Pavlik, J., Ferreira, A.B. Tax Incentives and Local Business Ownership: Evidence from the Florida Enterprise Zone Program.

 Bologna Pavlik, J., Mahmood, T. Revisiting the Relationship between Corruption and Press Freedom.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Geloso, V., Zhou, Y. Was Milton Friedman Correct? The Effect of National Accounts on Government Size in Hong Kong.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Young, A.T. Historical Foundations of Constitutionalism.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Desierto, D., Murtazashvili, I., and Murtazashvili, J. Afghanistan: A Political Resource Curse.