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Working Papers

A link to my SSRN author page can be found here.

Under Review 
(Coauthors listed in bold are current graduate students.)

Bologna Pavlik, J., Young, A. T. Did Technology Transfer More Rapidly East-West than North-South? Revisions Requested at European Economic Review.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Padilla, E. L., Powell, B. Cultural Baggage: Do Immigrants Import Corruption? Revisions Requested at the Southern Economic Journal

Working Papers
(Coauthors listed in bold are current graduate students.)

Bologna Pavlik, J., Callais, J. T. Does the Informal Sector Ever Help? An Analysis of the Relationship between Development, Informality, and Formal Institutions.

Osman, S., Bologna Pavlik, J. Is There a Link Between Refugees and Increased Crime? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Turkey.

Harger, K. R., Bologna Pavlik, J.  Are Local Owners More Responsive to Targeted Policies? Evidence from the Florida Enterprise Zone Program.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Ferreira Neto, A. B., Freguglia, R. S. How Does Corruption Affect Labor Supply? An Analysis of Reallocation.

Bologna, Pavlik, J., Williams, R. B., Jahan, I.  Is the Devil in the Shadow? A Reexamination of the Relationship between Institutions and Income.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Young, A. T. Do Constitutional Entrenchment and Specificity Matter? 

Bologna Pavlik, J., Tackett, M. Does it Pay to Live in the Battleground? The Effect of Divide the Dollar Politics on Income.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Mulholland, S. E. Does the Effect Corruption has on Income Inequality Depend on the Informal Sector?

Furton, G. L., March, R., Bologna Pavlik, J. Was Bastiat Right? An Empirical Analysis of Conflict and Free Trade.