Working Papers

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Under Review

Geloso, V., Bologna Pavlik J. The Cuban Revolution and Infant Mortality: A Synthetic Control Approach. Revisions Requested at Explorations in Economic History.

Geloso, V. Bologna Pavlik, J. Economic Freedom and the Economic Consequences of the 1918 Pandemic.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Young, A. T. The Legacy of Representation in Medieval Europe for Incomes and Institutions Today.

Bologna Pavlik, J. Access to Information Laws and Voter Behavior: Does Transparency Increase Participation?

Bologna Pavlik, J. Harger, K. R. Political Corruption and Development in Brazil: Do Random Audits of Corruption Increase Economic Activity?

Bologna Pavlik, J., Ferreira Neto, A. B. Does Corruption Impact the Informal-Formal Sector Income Gap? Evidence from Brazil.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Grier, R. M., Grier, K. B. Corruption & The Wealth of Nations.

Working Papers

Bologna Pavlik, J. Ross, A. Corruption, Conflict, and Local Business in Africa.

Geloso, V. J., Bologna Pavlik, J., Zhou, Y. Was Milton Friedman Right to be Impressed? GovernmentSpending and National Statistics in Hong Kong prior to1971.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Tackett, M. The Effect of Presidential Particularism on Income: A County Level Analysis.