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Juan Jose Robledo-Arnuncio
Senior Researcher
Dept. Forest Ecology and Genetics
INIA - Forest Research Centre (CIFOR)
Ctra. de la Coruña Km 7.5, 28040 Madrid, Spain 
Ph +34 91 347 8719
Fax +34 91 357 2293
email: jjrobledo (a t) gmail (d o t) com


ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, UNGER GM (2018) Measuring viability selection from prospective cohort mortality studies: a case study in Maritime pine. Evolutionary Applications doi: 10.1111/eva.12729.   [abstract]   [pdf]   [Supp Info]

ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, GAGGIOTTI OE (2017) Estimating contemporary migration rates: effect and joint inference of inbreeding, null alleles and mistyping. Journal of Ecology 105: 49-62.   [abstract]   [pdf]   [pre-print pdf]   [Supp Info]

PAREJO-FARNÉS C, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, ALBADALEJO RG, RUBIO-PÉREZ E, APARICIO A (2017) Effects of habitat fragmentation on parental correlations in the seed rain of a bird-dispersed species. Tree Genetics & Genomes 13:17. doi:10.1007/s11295-017-1100-9   [abstract]   [pdf] 

MORÁN-LÓPEZ T, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, DÍAZ M, MORALES JM, LÁZARO-NOGAL A, LORENZO Z, VALLADARES F (2016) Determinants of functional connectivity of holm oak woodlands: Fragment size and mouse foraging behavior. Forest Ecology & Management 368: 111-122.   [abstract]   [pdf]  

UNGER GM, HEUERTZ M, VENDRAMIN GG, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ (2016) Assessing early fitness consequences of exotic gene flow in the wild: a field study with Iberian pine relicts. Evolutionary Applications 9: 367-380.   [abstract]   [pdf]   

LARA-ROMERO C, GARCÍA-FERNÁNDEZ A, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, ROUMET M, MORENTE-LÓPEZ J, LÓPEZ-GIL A, IRIONDO JM (2016) Individual spatial aggregation correlates with between-population variation in fine-scale genetic structure of Silene ciliata (Caryophyllaceae). Heredity 16: 417-423   [abstract]   [pdf]   

RAMÍREZ-VALIENTE JA, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ (2015) Exotic gene flow affects fitness trait values but not levels of heritable trait variation in the southernmost population of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L. var nevadensis). Biological Conservation 192: 331-342.   [abstract]   [pdf]   

RAMÍREZ-VALIENTE JA, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ (2014) Adaptive consequences of human-mediated introgression for indigenous tree species: the case of a relict Pinus pinaster population. Tree Physiology 34: 1376-1387. (front cover feature article)   [abstract]   [pdf

UNGER GM, VENDRAMIN GG, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ (2014) Estimating exotic gene flow into native pine stands: zygotic versus gametic components. Molecular Ecology 23: 5435-5447.  [abstract]   [pdf]   [comment @ The Molecular Ecologist blog]

ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, KLEIN EK, MULLER-LANDAU HC, SANTAMARÍA L (2014) Space, time and complexity in plant dispersal ecology. Movement Ecology 2:16.  [abstract]   [pdf]   

SARO I, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, GONZÁLEZ-PÉREZ MA, SOSA P (2014) Patterns of pollen dispersal in a small population of the Canarian endemic palm (Phoenix canariensis). Heredity 113: 215-223.   [abstract]   [pdf]

LARA-ROMERO C, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, GARCÍA-FERNÁNDEZ A, IRIONDO JM (2014) Assessing intraspecific variation in effective dispersal along an altitudinal gradient: a test in two Mediterranean high-mountain plants. PLoS ONE 9(1): e87189. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0087189.   [abstract]   [pdf]

ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, GRIVET D, SMOUSE PE, SORK VL (2012) PSA: software for parental structure analysis of seed or seedling patches. Molecular Ecology Resources 12: 1180-1189.   [abstract]   [pdf]

KREMER A, RONCE O, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, GUILLAUME F, BOHRER G et al. (2012) Long distance gene flow and adaptation of forest trees to rapid climate change. Ecology Letters 15: 378-392.   [abstract]   [pdf]   

ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ (2012) Joint estimation of contemporary seed and pollen dispersal rates among plant populations. Molecular Ecology Resources 12: 299-311   [abstract]   [pdf]

STEINITZ O, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, NATHAN R (2012) Effects of forest plantations on the genetic composition of conspecific native Aleppo pine populations. Molecular Ecology 21: 300-313   [abstract]   [pdf]

NATHAN R, KLEIN EK, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, REVILLA E (2012) Dispersal kernels: review. In: Clobert J, Baguette M, Benton T, Bullock J, Ducatez S (eds.) Dispersal ecology and evolution. Oxford University Press.   [Publisher's website]

NIGGEMANN M, WIEGAND T, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, BIALOZYT R (2012) Marked point pattern analysis on genetic paternity data for uncertainty assessment of pollen dispersal kernels. Journal of Ecology 100: 264-276   [abstract]   [pdf]

ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ (2011) Wind pollination over mesoscale distances: an investigation with Scots pine. New Phytologist 190: 222-233  [abstract]   [pdf]   [Heredity podcast]

SOTO A, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, GONZÁLEZ-MARTÍNEZ SC, SMOUSE PE, ALÍA R (2010). Climatic niche and neutral genetic diversity of the six Iberian pine species: a retrospective and prospective view. Molecular Ecology 19: 1396-1409   [abstract]   [pdf

ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, ROUSSET F (2010) Isolation by distance in a continuous population under stochastic demographic fluctuations. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23: 53-71   [abstract]   [pdf]   [sup. info.]

ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, GONZÁLEZ-MARTÍNEZ SC, SMOUSE PE (2010) Theoretical and practical considerations of gene flow. In: El-Kassaby (ed.) Forests and genetically modified trees. IUFRO-FAO, Rome.   [pdf]   [full book summary]   [full book pdf]

GRIVET D, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, SMOUSE PE, SORK VL (2009) Relative contribution of contemporary pollen and seed dispersal to the effective parental size of seedling populations of Californian valley oak (Quercus lobata, Née). Molecular Ecology 18: 3967-3979.    [abstract]   [pdf]

ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, NAVASCUÉS M, GONZÁLEZ-MARTÍNEZ SC, GIL L (2009) Estimating gametic introgression rates in a risk assessment context: a case study with Scots pine relicts. Heredity 103: 385-393.  [abstract]   [pdf]

ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ (2008) Seed dispersal estimation without fecundities: a reply to Ralph. Molecular Ecology 17: 1883-1884.   [pdf]   [Ralph's comment]

DE-LUCAS AI, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, HIDALGO E, GONZÁLEZ-MARTÍNEZ SC (2008) Mating system and pollen gene flow in Mediterranean maritime pine. Heredity 100: 390-399.   [abstract]   [pdf]  

ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, GARCÍA C (2007) Estimation of the seed dispersal kernel from exact identification of source plants. Molecular Ecology 16: 5098-5109.   [abstract]  [pdf]  [accompanying "News and Views"]

ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, AUSTERLITZ F, SMOUSE PE (2007) POLDISP: A software package for indirect estimation of contemporary pollen dispersal. Molecular Ecology Notes 7: 763-766.   [abstract]  [pdf]

SMOUSE PE, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, GONZÁLEZ-MARTÍNEZ SC (2007) Implications of natural propagule flow for containment of genetically modified forest trees. Tree Genetics and Genomes 3: 141-152.   [abstract]  [pdf]

ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, AUSTERLITZ F (2006) Pollen dispersal in spatially aggregated populations. American Naturalist 168: 500-511.   [abstract]  [pdf]  [appendix]

ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, AUSTERLITZ F, SMOUSE PE (2006) A new method of estimating the pollen dispersal curve independently of effective density. Genetics 173: 1033-1045.  [abstract]  [pdf

SMOUSE PE, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ (2005) Measuring the genetic structure of the pollen pool as the probability of paternal identity. Heredity 94: 640-649.  [abstract]   [pdf]

GONZÁLEZ-MARTÍNEZ SC, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, SMOUSE PE (2005) The consequences and implications of introgression in the conservation of forest trees. Pp. 17-23 in: de Vicente MC (ed.). Gene flow and germplasm management. Topical Reviews in Agricultural Biodiversity. International Plant Genetic Resources Institute, Rome, Italy.   [pdf]

ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, COLLADA C, ALÍA R, GIL L  (2005) Genetic structure of montane isolates of Pinus sylvestris L. in a Mediterranean refugial area. Journal of Biogeography 32: 595-605.  [abstract]   [pdf]

ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, GIL L (2005) Patterns of pollen dispersal in a small population of Pinus sylvestris L. revealed by total-exclusion paternity analysis. Heredity 94: 13-22.  [abstract]  [pdf]
ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, ALÍA R, GIL L (2004) Increased selfing and correlated paternity in a small population of a predominantly outcrossing conifer, Pinus sylvestris. Molecular Ecology 13: 2567-2577.  [abstract]  [pdf]
ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, SMOUSE PE, GIL L, ALÍA R (2004) Pollen movement under alternative silvicultural practices in native populations of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Central Spain. Forest Ecology and Management 197: 245-255.  [abstract]   [pdf]

GONZÁLEZ-MARTÍNEZ SC, ROBLEDO-ARNUNCIO JJ, COLLADA C, DÍAZ A, WILLIAMS CG, ALÍA R, CERVERA MT (2004) Cross-amplification and sequence variation of microsatellite loci in Eurasian hard pines. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 109: 103-111. [abstract]  [pdf]