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This website was set up for you … students and teachers and it's GROWING!!! You will find links to my "Go To's" for my students as well as teacher resources that can help make that difference.
Conference workshop presentations and links are within each area listed.
Contact me with questions … and please… share your best of the best resources to enhance student learning and the exemplar products your students create!! With your permission and theirs…I look forward to sharing them with others!

A little bit about me….

I am currently a Gifted and Talented instructor at Minot Public Schools (ND), Co-chair of ISTE’s Digital StoryTelling Network 2011 - Present,  FableVision Learning's Ambassador for ND, Board Member of ND Association for Gifted Children as Past President. I provide professional development opportunities throughout ND and a multi-state region. As a veteran elementary and middle school educator, technology integrator and gifted instructor, I truly enjoy the opportunity to bring those "a-ha" moments and higher order thinking to educators and students via Technology Integration, Differentiated Instruction, Digital Storytelling, and Curriculum Enrichment ~ Higher Order Thinking, Problem Solving, and Questioning Strategies. 

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Can't wait to hear and share all the amazing things you are doing with your students!! 

As Co-chair of ISTE's Digital StoryTelling Network I want to share our wiki link, full of resources for all to use!


Julie Jaeger .... jjaegerconsults@gmail.com .... Gifted Educator-Minot Public Schools, ND 

Co-chair ISTE DigitalStorytelling Network, ND Ambassador for FableVisionLearning

NDAssociation for Gifted Children Board

 PD in Differentiated Instruction, Technology Integration, Digital StoryTelling, 

Curricular Enrichment and Higher Order Thinking