Jingjun Han (韩京俊)

I am an offsite Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI)-Simons postdoctoral fellow supervised by Prof. Christopher Hacon and the host insitution is the University of Utah. I am a Young Investigator (on leave) at Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University.

I was a J.J. Sylvester Assistant Professor during 2018-2021 in the Department of Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University.

I got my Ph.D. in July 2018 from Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research, Peking University (Beijing, China), under the supervision of Prof. Gang Tian and Prof. Chenyang Xu. My undergraduate advisor is Prof. Bican Xia at Peking University.

Email: hanjingjunfdfz[at]gmail.com

Research Interests:

Algebraic Geometry : Birational geometry and its application, e.g. MMP (Minimal Model Program), the theory of complements, boundedness of varieties, and K-stability (the existence of K\"{a}hler-Einstein metrics).

Symbolic Computation (Computer Algebra): Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition, Polynomial Inequalities, etc.

Graduation Ceremony, Peking University, July, 2018