Jimmy Grimble

Jimmy Grimble is a 15 year-old boy living in Manchester, where nothing seems to go his way. Jimmy is a victim of bullying; he doesn't like his mum's new boyfriend and he is in love with Sara who seems to be on a higher level and more interested in boxing than boys.
Like most Mancunians Jimmy loves football. He supports Manchester City and goes to some games with his mum's ex-boyfriend, Harry. He also loves playing football but while his coach at school thinks he's got potential, one of his classmates, who is also a very good player, is determined to make Jimmy's life miserable.
We are going to watch the film in class and afterwards we are going to work on vocabulary related to sport as well as cultural aspects. In addition, we are going to work together to try and find possible solutions to the problem of bullying at school.

There is only one Jimmy Grimble

As you noticed while watching the film, the soundtrack is fantastic so you can listen to it again on the Spotify list below. Enjoy!