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1978 O-Pee-Chee

1 more to go out of 242 = 99.9% complete

LAST UPDATED: 7/26/2017!

Looking for NRMT only!

@99 Mejias

1978 Topps - 9-pocket project!
LAST UPDATED: 7/25/2017 thanks to SAM TAYLOR for 10 hits with a few stars!

COMING SOON!  Right now I'm accepting your bulk 1978 Topps cards!  Stars and commons!

1x7, 2x6, 4x4, 5x6, 6x6, 7x7, 8x4, 9x6,

10x3, 11x8, 12x3, 13x9, 14x9, 16x8, 17x7, 18x6, 19x4,

20x3, 21x6, 22x5, 23x5, 25x6, 26x8, 27x8, 28x9, 29x8,

30x5, 31x8, 32x4, 33x7, 34x3, 35x8, 36x7, 37x7, 38x8, 39x9,

40x5, 41x8, 42x7, 43x6, 44x8, 45x6, 46x5, 47x7, 48x9, 49x7, 

50x5, 51x3, 52x9, 54x7, 55x7, 56x5, 57x9, 58x5, 59x6, 

60x7, 61x4, 62x4, 63x2, 64x6, 65x6, 66x8, 67x7, 68x2, 69x6, 

70x6, 71x8, 72x7, 73x7, 74x6, 75x6, 76x7, 77x7, 78x6, 

80x7, 81x8, 82x6, 83x1, 85x4, 86x8, 87x4, 88x4, 89x6, 

90x6, 91x6, 92x8, 94x8, 95x5, 96x8, 97x8, 98x7, 99x8, 

100x6, 101x4, 102x5, 103x7, 104x7, 106x6, 107x9, 108x6, 109x2, 

110x5, 111x9, 112x7, 113x5, 114x6, 115x6, 116x7, 117x6, 118x7, 119x3,

120x1, 121x3, 122x5, 123x8, 124x3, 125x7, 126x9, 127x4, 128x5, 129x8,

130x4, 131x6, 132x8, 133x4, 134x5, 136x6, 137x6, 138x4, 139x5, 

140x7, 141x8, 142x6, 143x4, 144x3, 145x6, 146x6, 147x6, 148x6, 149x5,

150x7, 151x8, 152x7, 153x4, 155x3, 156x6, 158x6, 159x5,

160x5, 161x7, 162x6, 163x7, 164x5, 165x6, 166x5, 167x4, 168x5, 169x7,

170x6, 171x5, 172x4, 173x3, 174x7, 175x8, 176x7, 177x3, 178x6, 179x5,

180x3, 181x4, 182x7, 183x7, 184x6, 185x8, 187x5, 188x5, 189x5,  

190x6, 191x8, 192x6, 193x6, 194x8, 195x7, 196x7, 197x6, 198x5, 199x4,

200x7, 201x4, 203x1, 205x5, 206x7, 208x6, 209x9,

210x8, 212x4, 213x8, 214x7, 215x7, 217x5, 218x5, 219x7, 

220x5, 221x7, 222x6, 223x6, 224x6, 225x1, 226x6, 227x6, 229x8, 

230x7, 231x8, 232x8, 233x6, 234x7, 235x6, 236x8, 237x5, 238x6, 239x4,

240x8, 241x5, 242x3, 243x5, 244x1, 246x6, 247x7, 248x4, 249x1,

251x3, 252x1, 253x5, 254x4, 255x7, 256x7, 257x7, 258x6, 259x6,

260x8, 261x6, 262x7, 263x6, 264x5, 265x1, 266x5, 267x7, 268x8, 269x7, 

270x5, 272x7, 273x7, 274x5, 275x7, 276x4, 277x6, 278x6, 279x7,

280x6, 281x3, 282x5, 283x6, 284x8, 286x8, 287x7, 288x7, 289x8, 

290x7, 291x8, 292x5, 293x5, 294x8, 295x7, 296x7, 298x7, 299x8,


....this is just the start!  Much more to come!

1978 Topps Burger King Yankees

6 more to go out of 22 = 72.7% complete

LAST UPDATED: 7/15/2017 thanks to CHRIS TRIPLER for 12 hits!

Looking for ANY condition!

1, 2, 9, 19, 20, 21

1970 Carl Aldana Baltimore Orioles

9 more to go out of 12 = 25% complete

LAST UPDATED: 7/15/2017 thanks to RHETT YEAKLEY for the Frank Robinson!

Looking for ANY condition!

(1) Belanger, (2) Blair, (3) Cuellar, (6) McNally, (7) Palmer, (8) Powell, (9) B. Robinson (Diving - Face showing), (10) B. Robinson (Diving - back showing), (12) Weaver

1970 Pictures of Champions Baltimore Orioles

14 more to go out of 16 = 12.5% complete

LAST UPDATED: 3/22/2017 thanks to MICHAEL MOSIER for the Cuellar and Belanger!

Looking for ANY condition!

4 Weaver, 5 B. Robinson, 8 Etchebarren, 9 Buford, 10 Hendricks, 12 May, 15 Johnson, 16 McNally, 20 F. Robinson, 22 Palmer, 24 Richert, 29 Hall, 39 Watt, 40 Leonhard

1968 Topps Milton Bradley

14 more to go out of 77 = 81.8% complete

LAST UPDATED: 6/20/2017 thanks to REMEMBER WHEN SPORTS CARDS for the starter set!

Looking for ANY condition!

36 Pirates RCs, 49 Brinkman (Yellow Team), 61 Smith, 66 Cox (Yellow Team), 68 Willis, 107a CL (burlap), 113 Tigers RCs, 139 Short, 155 WS5, 165 Oliva, 168 Dodgers Team, 172 Williams, 177 Ryan RC, 180 Flood, 

1952 Topps - 8-pocket project

LAST UPDATED: 7/3/2017 thanks to Mr. FOX for 129 hits including Pafko, Feller, Snider, Spahn, Irvin, Roberts, and more!

COMING SOON!  Right now I'm accepting ANY 1952 Topps cards!  Stars and commons!