The Laboratory of Neural Computation

Our laboratory is part of the Centre for Systems Neuroscience at the University of Leicester 


  • 2018/01/16: Our Nature Communications paper from last year was selected as the Gö-VIP (=”Göttingen Very Important Publication”) in the 16th Gö-VIP round of the UMG under “Basic Science”. List of Gö-VIPs with summaries in German here.
  • 2017/12/07: We presented our recent work at 2017 NIPS Symposium on Interpretable Machine Learning.
  • 2017/08/07: Press release on our recent Nature Communications paper! See here (in German) 

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Email: jian.liu AT leicester.ac.uk

Centre for Systems Neuroscience
George Davies Centre
Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour
University of Leicester
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