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Data updated on Feb. 20th, 2015

Yan JIANG:  Baidu entry    Full CV in .pdf file

Areas: Semantics, Pragmatics, Rhetoric.

I am interested in looking at formal aspects of meaning that are also cognitively significant, which entails attention to two directions of study: 

a. natural language logic; b. cognitive studies of language and meaning.  

Interested themes: Montague semantics and its later developments, Inferential pragmatics[esp. relevance theory] and its formal developments, formal semantic and pragmatic analysis of Chinese, rhetoric studies as extensions of semantics and pragmatics

Many recent activities in teaching and research are documented in my WordPress and Sina Blogs. Please access through Sitebar:  0000-0001. If you see a blank page, you need to re-configure your browser or simply try other browsers. Framed pages work best with Safari.

I have been working on a corpus of Chinese rhetoric, together with hundreds of MA students taking my subject on modern rhetoric, who contribute data in the form of analyzed new examples in their assignments. The corpus will be made accessible to registered users in a few months' time. Please write to me if you are interested.

Research topics: 

Current: conditionals, deixis, presupposition, contextualism vs minimalism, the semantics of dou-quantification; anaphora; tropes; scalar implicature, direct reference, comparatives, donkey sentence

Theoretical concerns: formal semantics and pragmatics, cross-dialectal semantics for Chinese

Languages: mother tongue: Shanghainese;  fluent: Mandarin Chinese, English; can read with a dictionary: French;  can understand some and speak some: Cantonese;  have some knowledge of: Latin, German