Ji-Hun Bae  Dr.Eng. 
   Principal Research Scientist
   RC2L (Robot Cognition & Control Lab.),      
   Robotics R&D Group,
   KITECH (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology).     
   E-Mail: joseph(at)kitech.re.kr
 with my respectable supervisor, Prof. ArimotoBarcelona, Spain, April 2005
                     Seoul, Korea, Feb. 2015


- 8 RC2L members, June 11, 2018

- May 20, 2016: Motion Update

- Mar. 23, 2016: YTN Science


- Oct. 30, 2015: Arirang TV

- Oct. 19, 2015: Univ. of Toyama, Japan

- May 20, 2015: KITECH News Letter

- May 15, 2015: Demonstration of bimanual manipulation at RC2L, KITECH

- Nov. 2, 2014: We succeed in realizing the peg-in-hole assembly by dual hand-arm! (Hyeonjun Park did this!!)

- Oct. 22-25, 2014: We exhibited our upper body robot at RoboWorld 2014.


(designed and manufactured in RC2L,  KITECH, Oct. 2009 ~ ) 

This robot hand, 'KITECH robotic hand' was developed for grasping research, Oct. 2010.
(4 fingers including thumb, fully actuated 16DOFs, torque control, 0.9[kg])

[Overall feature]


 * The Know-how and technology of KITECH hand have been transferred to Wonik Robotics (May 2012~).     Allegro HandTM 
 [Available grasping]

(designed and manufactured in RC2L, KITECH, May 2010 ~ )

This robotic arm was built by supports of NRHP Project, Oct. 2010.
(8DOFs, torque control, hollow joint design, height 0.7[m], weight 7[kg], payload 3[kg])

[ Building dual-arm] (Dec. 2012)


[ Peg-in-Hole assembly ]  (Oct. 2013)


[ Peg-in-Hole assembly by hand-arm coordination ]  (May 2014)


 KITECH Dual Arm Robot - YUM (Yearning for the Ultimate Manipulation)
(designed and built in RC2L, KITECH, Sep. 2014~)

We have been yearning for the ultimate manipulation and 'YUM' was developed for this objective.

- 50DOFs (hand 16DOFs x 2, Arm 8DOFs x 2, waist 2DOFs)
- joint angle sensor(encoder) and 3D vision sensor(MS Kinect)
- Torque control(torque input current output) without F/T sensor
- CAN 333Hz
- Windows OS on Intel Dual Core processor