Paper Access

A secret of academia is that researchers will happily share their pay-walled research if you email us. If you're an advocate working on school start times, or an educator working on virtual education, or you just want to read my research, please reach out to me for the most recent version of my work. Contact details are on my CV.

Maternity/Post-partum Policy in the DoD

I am relatively new to the DoD environment, and I am piecing together stakeholders for maternity/post-partum policy in the DoD. My list is incomplete! Please contact me if you're working on (or are interested in) this policy area.

Upcoming Talks/Presentations

I generally plan to attend the WEAI, APPAM, and AEFP annual conferences. Please reach out if we have shared research interests.

Other Outreach

Contact me on Twitter! @jenniheissel