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Economics 5400 - International Trade Theory (Fall 2013)

This is an advanced course in the theory of international trade. We will cover positive and normative aspects of standard and new trade theory, along with recent developments in the literature. Microeconomics (3010 or 4010) is required, and mathematical economics (4310) is recommended. A complete syllabus for the class is here. All lecture notes are in PDF format.

Lecture Notes
Topic 01: Course Outline

Assignment 1: Demand and Supply for a Closed and Open EconomyHere is my program. Yours may look a bit different, but so long as it gets the right solution that is fine.
Assignment 2: Growth and Demand in the Ricardian Model. Here is the program you need to use. Due date is Tuesday October 20. 

GAMS program for closed/open world economy in partial equilibrium. Remember that this is for reference only. With programming, as with anything, practice is what makes perfect! If you haven't already, make sure that you have a working GAMS system for class by Thursday.
REMINDER: Your first midterm examination is scheduled for October 8 (Thursday). The format is 4 short essay questions. You must answer all 4 questions. Here are some sample questions that might help you gauge the level of difficulty/type of problems that might be asked. Also remember that there is no class on October 6 (Tuesday). You should use the time to prepare for your first midterm.