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Economics 5300 - Industrial Organization and Game Theory (Fall 2016)

In this course we cover issues the microeconomics of firm behavior and market structure in detail. Game theory is used as the unifying concept for analyzing imperfectly competitive markets. The objective of this course is to expose students to the core theory of industrial organization. The course should help students to depend their understanding of the economics of firm behavior and the market structure, and develop analytical skills necessary to understand IO theory and apply it to real-world issues. The course will be useful for students entering the world of business/policy or considering further study of economics at the graduate level.A complete syllabus for the class is here

Lecture Notes
Topic 01: Course Outline
Topic 02: Production
Topic 03: Costs
Topic 05: Monopoly
Topic 07: Group Pricing
Topic 09: Menu Pricing
Topic 10: Bundling
Topic 11: More on Bundling
Topic 12: Dominant Firms

Assignment 01: Due date is Thursday September 22 in class.
Assignment 02Due date is Tuesday October 11 in class.
Assignment 03Due date is Thursday October 27 in class.



August 26: First class is on Tuesday August 30 at 1:30 in Huntsman Hall 180. See you there. 
August 31: From Thursday our classroom has been switched to Eccles Business Building room 216.
September 28: Your first midterm is scheduled for Thursday October 6, in class. To help you prepare, here are four practice questions from previous midterm examinations. Please do not ask for solutions, the questions and how to best answer them, are for you to ponder. On Tuesday October 4 there will not be a class. You should use that time to prepare for the midterm.