My research has involved collaborations with researchers from several countries. Click their names to learn more about them.



Shi Haitao (Hainan Biodiversity Museum, Haikou, China)

For a summary of my research with Shi Haitao click here.

Jonathan Fong (Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China)

Igor Danilov (Zool. Ins. of St. Petersburg, Russia)

Oguz Turkozan (Adnan Menderes University, Turkey)

Byron Wilson (Univ. West Indies, Mona, Jamaica)

Jose S.L. Patane (Instituto Butantan, Brazil) 



Peter Paul van Dijk (Global Wildlife Conservation)

Nicholas D. Pyenson (Smithsonian) 

Ken Angielczyk (Field Museum of Natural History)

Patricia Holroyd (U.C. Mus. of Paleontology)

J. Howard Hutchison (U.C. Mus. of Paleontology) 

Walter Joyce (Université de Fribourg)

Daniel T. Ksepka (Bruce Museum) 

Ted Papenfuss (Museum of Vertebrate Zoology) 

W. Brian Simison (California Academy of Sciences)

Bryan Stuart (North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences)