About Us

JFI Pet Supplies was formed by me Simon Cunnell in April 2013. I own three dogs Jasper, Flicka and Inka, hence JFI!

I run a daily dog walking service where dogs are walked on secure private land, giving your best friend the opportunity to socialise, exercise and have fun in a safe and secure environment. I also offer daycare and home boarding services, more information and prices can be found on the dog walking page.

Owning my own dogs means that I fully understand the importance of feeding your dog appropriate food. I also realise how expensive it can be to feed them something more nutritious. The aim of JFI is to provide the pet owners of Cambridgeshire with the best food for their dog at the best price possible. The correct food can help not only digestion but also behaviour, allergies, joint problems and many more things in your pet. I am a Nutriment and Skinners stockist.