Jeremy Caves Rugenstein

Post-doctoral researcher
Earth Surface Dynamics
Institute of Geology
ETH Zürich

Ph.D in Earth System Science
Stanford University, 2016

Google Scholar Profile
Earth Surface Dynamics Group

I am interested in understanding long-term controls on the Earth’s climate and hydrological cycle, particularly over the Cenozoic. During this interval, the Earth underwent a fundamental shift in its climate, transitioning from the hot, high-CO2 climate that characterized the Cretaceous and Eocene to the relatively cool, low-CO2 climate of today. Understanding this transition can elucidate first-order controls on Earth’s climate as well as improve understanding of what our future climate may resemble given current projections of CO2 emissions.

My current projects include: 1) Understanding the role of silicate weathering in modulating high CO2 and low CO2 climates; 2) Researching linkages between silicate weathering and physical erosion; 3) Reconstructing Central Asian climate and tectonics over the past 80 million years using stable isotopes from paleosols in northern China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan; and 4) Tracking changes in primary productivity in North America and Central Asia over the Cenozoic using a compilation of paleosol carbonate stable isotopes.

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