Some programs developed in my research.

SimSo-PFRP is SimSo with P-FRP extensions.

SimSo - Simulation of Multiprocessor Scheduling with Overheads. 
SimSo is a scheduling simulator for real-time multiprocessor architectures that takes into account some scheduling overheads (scheduling decisions, context switches) and the impact of caches through statistical models. Based on a Discrete-Event Simulator (SimPy), it allows quick simulations and a fast prototyping of scheduling policies using Python.
SimSo is found at and

SimSo depends on Python2.7+, SimPy 2.3.1 and NumPy 1.6+ (

SimSo comes with a graphic interface SimSoGUI:
SimSoGUI uses PyQt4 4.9+ (find wheel package here:

Once you have dependencies satisfied, install SimSo by running "python install", then you can run simso script examples in simso/experiments. 
If you want to run GUI, install SimSoGUI with its Once installation completed, you can run “simso" to start the GUI.

Use "python bdist_wininst" to create Windows exe files.
While there is a known issue for Windows GUI: print function doesn't work with windows GUI application. It is a "design decision" rather than a bug in Python 2.7(,

PFRPSched uses linked list to conduct P-FRP fixed priority task scheduling.
It supports both Windows and Linux systems. To use on a Linux platform, enable the _THIS_IS_LINUX macro in tagetver.h, then go to ./linux folder for the makefile.

PFRPSchedII simulates P-FRP fixed priority task scheduling without linked list, hence can support larger taskset and bigger feasibility intervals.
It supports multi-mode P-FRP task scheduling.

gentasks is used to generate tasksets.

Xingliang Zou,
Jul 5, 2016, 6:43 PM
Xingliang Zou,
Jul 5, 2016, 6:43 PM
Xingliang Zou,
Jul 5, 2016, 6:43 PM