Associate Professor of Finance at HEC Paris

Associate Editor, Management ScienceCo-holder of the Chair "Business Analytics for Future Banking" (HEC-Natixis-Polytechnique)Member of the ACPR Chair "Regulation and Systemic Risks"CEPR Research AffiliateSUERF Research AffiliateMember of the Finance Theory GroupDaddy of Joseph , Marin, and Aurel
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In my research I study how financial institutions and frictions impact the functioning of financial markets, the formation of prices and the allocation of resources and risks in the economy. I am particularly interested in banking and market microstructure, and on the role of technology and digital transformation in these contexts.


  • I am co-editing a Special Issue of Management Science on "The Human-Algorithm Connection". I am looking for the best papers studying instances of interaction between human participants and algorithms (including bots, apps...) in a financial context. The deadline for submission is 9 December 2022. The call for paper is here.

  • My colleague Evren Örs and I are co-organizing the HEC Paris - Natixis Conference on "Banking in the Age of Challenges" on 13-14 December 2022. The program is here. Please contact me if you want to attend.

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