Working Papers

School Choice, Competition, and Aggregate School Quality

(with Michael Gilraine and Uros Petronijevic)

Assessing School District Decision-Making

(with Alvin Christian and Brian Jacob)

Self-Interest in Public Service: Evidence from School Board Elections

(with Stephen B. Billings, Hugh Macartney, and Geunyong Park)

Experimentally Validating Welfare Evaluation of School Vouchers (revised Table 4)

(with Peter Arcidiacono, Karthik Muralidharan, and Eun-young Shim)

'Economics is Not a Man's Field': CSWEP and the First Gender Reckoning in Economics (1971-1991)

(with Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche and Beatrice Cherrier)

Work in Progress

Access to and Gains from Selective Education

(with Seung Hyeong Lee and Ying Shi)

A New Test for School Competition

Identification of Non-Additive Fixed Effects Models: Is the Return to Teacher Quality Homogeneous?

(with Jinyong Hahn and Nese Yildiz)