Composting Dashboard

Check out the current stats of JCCC’s composting program! How many pounds of food waste have we composted? What temperature is the compost? How does compost work?!

Wait! The system is calculating the up-to-date data below.

What are the financial benefits of Composting you may ask. See below the savings we have reached by diverting food waste from trash hauling since the project's inception in 2011. We have also calculated the value of our compost to our farm operations.

JCCC's composting process.

Mesophilic Phase (invessel)

Thermophilic Phase (pile 1,2,3)

Maturation Phase (on farm)

This is the first stage of composting where we mix food waste, sawdust and wood chips, the temperature in the vessel reaches about 110 degrees F. It spends about 10 days in the vessel slowly turning.

This is the second stage where we rotate from one bin to the next to provide the necessary aeration for composting. The temperature in this stage ranges from 130 -150 degrees F. The compost spends about 2 months in this stage.

This is the final stage where we deliver it the farm and it spends 3-6 months going back to mesophilic phase then on to maturing, and then is ready to be spread on the farm. At this stage the temperature ranges from 120-70 degrees F.

Below you will see the massive amount of food waste that we have composted both annually and cumulatively since we began in 2011. (Point cursor over the graphs to find more data)