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Journal Publications

“An Empirical Study on the Direct and Interaction Effects of the Customer Reviews and the Customer Incentives towards the Product Sales at the Online Retail Store” (with Soo Il Shin), Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems, 25(4), pp. 763-783.

"Exploring a mobile phone user's attitude toward watching TV content on a mobile phone – uses and gratifications perspective", (with Soo Il Shin, Sumin Han, Sangmi Lee) Information Technology & People, 34(2), pp. 617-641.

“Exploring the Practical Value of Business Games: Analysis with Toulmin’s Sensemaking Framework”, (with Edward Watson and Soo Il Shin), Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems, 32 (4), pp. 803~829.

“What You Need to Know About Gamification Process of Cybersecurity Hands-on Lab Exercise: Lessons and Challenges”, (with Chen Zhong and Hong Liu) Journal of Information Systems Education, Forthcoming.

Book Chapters

“So You Want to Earn an MBA …. Really?” (with Edward Watson) In K. Vaidya (Ed.), MBA for the Curious: Why Study an MBA?, The Curious Academic Publishing. ( link)

Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings

“Impact of Online Customer Reviews and Incentives on the Product Sales at the Online Retail Store: An Empirical Study at”, AMCIS 2014 Proceedings

“Addressing Levels Issues in IS Qualitative Research” (with James A. Love), AMCIS 2014 Proceedings

“Role of Perceived Playfulness/Seriousness in Learning Process Using Business Simulation Game”, (with Edward Watson), Decision Sciences Institute 2016 Annual Meeting Proceedings.

“Exploring Practical Potentials of Business Simulation Games,” (with Edward Watson), The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)-50, 2017. January 4, 2017, pp. 725-734.

“Flow in Business Simulation Games: Comparison between Online and Face-to-Face MBA,” (with Edward Watson), Proceedings of the 51st Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). January 4, 2017, pp. 725-734.

“What Information Propagates among the Public when an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is Initiated? A theory-driven approach,” (with S. I. Shin, D. Hall, & T. Lang) Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), January 8, 2019, pp. 6895-6904.

“Understanding Mobile TV Streaming Service Users’ Perception through Cognitive Mapping Method,” (with Shin, Soo Il & Shang, Yanyan) Proceedings of The Korea Society of Management Information Systems (KMIS) International Conference, November 21, 2021. – Received Best Paper Award

“Will NFTs Be the Best Digital Asset for the Metaverse?,” (with Brown Sr., R., Shin, S. I)  Proceedings of 24th Annual Southern Association for Information Systems Conference, March 18th – 19th, 2022.

“Understanding private party’s initial coin offerings for the successful implementation of central bank digital currencies: A grounded theory approach,” (with Soo Il Shin, Dianne Hall, Teresa Lang, and Sung-Byung Yang) Proceedings of 35th Australasian Finance and Banking Conference (AFBC), December 14th – 16th, 2022, Sydney, Australia.

Doctoral Dissertation

"Study on the Use of Serious Games in Business Education", Advisor: Dr. Edward Watson, August 2015. 

Paper under Review

“Wanna Play a Game? Are You Serious?: The Role of Seriousness And Playfulness in the Game-Based Learning Process”, (with Watson, Edward) 

Working Papers

“Role of Seriousness and Playfulness in Business Education through Serious Games” (with Edward Watson, targeted to JMIS)

“Addressing Levels of Analysis in IS Qualitative Research,” (with Love, James, & Levy, Matt, targeted to I&O)

 “Serious Games in the Operations & Supply Chain Course” (with Edward Watson, targeted to DSJIE)

“The Impact of Online Reviews on the Customers’ Purchase Decision at the Online Retail Store” (targeted to DSJ)

Work in Progress

“Connecting Business Simulation Games to Real World Business Practice: Understanding through a Sensemaking Lens” 

(with Edward Watson)

“Overview of Serious Games in Business: Trajectory and Projection” (with Edward Watson)

"Analyzing Large Scale Customer Review Data at"

Conference Abstracts

“An Empirical Study on the Impact of Online Customer Reviews towards the Customers’ Purchase Decision at the Online Retail Store,” Academy of Business Research (ABR) Spring 2014 Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana.

"The Impact of Online Reviews on the Customers’ Purchase Decision at the Online Retail Store", Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting 2014, Tampa, Florida.

Consulting/Information Reports

“Preparation for concreting of universal postal service” (with J. Choi & Y. Han), KISDI Issue Report, 05(20), Nov. 2005.

“Reasonable objectives management and evaluation policy for postal service business” (with J. Lee, S. Yoon, M. Joo, & Y. Kim), KISDI Research Report, 05(49), Dec. 2005.


“A Study of Measuring Efficiencies of Steel Companies by Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and Identifying Relationship Between Efficiencies and R&D Investments” M.B.A. Thesis, Seoul National University, Feb 2005 (Advisor: Prof. Sang Hyoung Ahn)


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