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  Hello, my name is Jay Simon. I am the  president of Jay I. Simon, Ph.D., Tutoring and Consulting,  a premium private online tutoring service based in Marblehead, MA that has been in operation since 2008.  I have been a lead researcher at various world-class technical think tanks for 20 years, including 11 years as a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. I hold a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Ohio State University, '89). 

  I am very proud to welcome my friend and polymath colleague, Dr. Robert Weinberg, as a  tutoring partner. Bob is an MIT graduate who holds two doctorates. Bob also graduated cum laude from the New England School of Law with a Juris Doctor degree. Bob is currently a full-time research scientist in the biology department at MIT. As if Bob were not busy enough, he is also a professor of astronomy and physical sciences at Eastern Nazerene College. Bob is a great guy and a gifted teacher.  He will be primarily handling the life-sciences related subjects in our course catalog, but of course he is more than qualified to teach most of the math and physics courses as well.  

  Dr. Weinberg and I bring our broad experience and knowledge to bear in teaching our students - who range from junior high school students and home-schoolers  to graduate students in Electrical Engineering.While we tutor all of the conventional staple math and science subjects, we are also uniquely qualified to offer expert support for a broad array of advanced technical courses - over 50 diverse subjects in all.  

  We are warm and welcoming - you will never feel overwhelmed or intimidated. Our mission is to zero in on your academic objectives and your individual learning style - and make sure you reach your goal posts! My specialties are high school and undergraduate Physics and  Calculus  instruction, AP and SAT exam preparation, and electrical engineering.  Bob's areas of expertise are biology, genetics,  and related life science courses, in addition to law (LSAT prep., etc) . But we have had students from just about the entire high-school and undergraduate math curriculum, from calculus and differential equations to complex variables and linear algebra. I also tutor the core undergraduate electrical engineering curriculum, ranging from circuit theory and microwave theory to advanced electrodynamics,  and from quantum mechanics to modern digital communication systems. 

 Those students that have settled in with us  know that it is possible to combine first-rate professional tutoring with some fun. The chain rule of calculus does not have to be a boring dry slog. The study of electromagnetics can be fascinating and fun! Those of you that have had less than stellar experiences with prior tutors have seen the Dark Side and can now appreciate what a seasoned professional can offer. 

On occasion, I am asked something to the effect: "Our child just needs help with his/her high school algebra and geometry classes. It is well and good that your tutors have advanced degrees.  But we are talking about basic math here  - why shouldn't we hire a college student at a fraction of  the cost?"  This is a reasonable question that is based on a misguided premise.  Algebra and geometry comprise the  foundation of all math and science courses that follow.  These are precisely the subjects that merit the most careful and sensitive treatment by the most highly skilled teacher available. 

  Generally we spend one hour (and often much more for  advanced courses) researching and preparing each session. 
A conscientious professional  tutor should do this, but tutors seldom routinely put in this extra effort because such in-depth lesson preparation is obviously more time-intensive.  Partly because this "behind the scenes"  preparation on our part  is not directly billable, and partly because of the enormous subject matter expertise,  interpersonal communication skills, and "real-world" experience that we bring to the table,  our fees are somewhat higher than average.  But  neither are we  "high-end"  fee-wise, as a cursory price comparison of  well-known "big-name" commercial tutoring  outfits will confirm. We have no membership fees and no contractual term obligations - you "pay as you go".  We have low overhead costs, e.g., no travel, modest advertising, no bureaucracy, and no building leases, so that we can offer you world-class education at a reasonable cost.  

 As for your own tutoring needs, we would advise you to make a well-considered decision from the get-go. Ultimately you will generally end up paying more in the long run for a relatively "cheap", less qualified tutor with shallow subject matter expertise, and worse, you or your student  may have little  indeed to show in the end for the money spent.  As  is the case with most human services, you get what you pay for. What you get from us is an excellent educational value and a solid investment in your future (or that of your student).

  We have in recent years also been developing a pro-bono program to assist our returning combat veterans prepare for their return to civilian life and for their continued studies at local community colleges and universities in the greater Boston area. But with today's advanced internet-based technologies, our reach is virtually nationwide.  See the article:
We are grateful for the generosity of Marion College, a small private Catholic college in Marblehead, MA, whose  charter embodies the  principles of  mercy and compassion. Marion  has offered us classroom facilities for local veterans who do not have reliable internet access and/or who prefer face-to-face tutoring. Marion has also offered us outreach assistance in identifying veterans in need. Our staff also provides academic counseling, free textbooks, study materials, and computers to veterans in need.  Roughly 5% of our revenue supports this important and worthy program. We receive no government assistance for this program and we neither solicit nor accept  financial donations. However, if you have some teaching background and are interested in assisting our veterans, please contact us - this is a wonderful opportunity for you to make an enormous difference in the lives of these deserving men and women by donating  just an hour of your time every week .

  I have migrated all of my students to videoconferenced tutoring sessions.  I use both Skype and Google Video Chat - as far as I am concerned, the two services are equivalent. My students, particularly my younger students, much prefer video conferencing: it is fun, convenient (no travel), reliable, private, and safe. The student and I see and hear each other, the student sees everything that I write on my digital whiteboard as we proceed through a lesson.  The experience is virtually the same as if we were meeting at  the same table - except that you or your student never needs to leave home!  At the end of each tutoring session, the student receives a pdf color capture file containing all of the session's handwritten  lecture notes for review purposes and future reference. Optionally, for a nominal fee, we can even record and email you a videorecording of each session (including  audio commentary).

  If you have never considered online tutoring, I would urge you to take a fresh look. The state of the art of internet-based communications technology has advanced and matured dramatically in the past decade. I believe that you - like me - will be amazed by the clarity, power, and reliability of the suite of modern communications technologies that we offer our students.  Give it a try, kick the tires!  You have nothing to lose but an hour of your time. If you conclude that "online" is not for you, we'll respect your conclusion and you will not be charged.  That said, I am confident  that you - like our other students - will be delighted!

 Dr. Weinberg and I have numerous student references with email contact addresses which we will be happy to share at your request.

- Jay


Ross K., college Calculus II student
I got an email from my Calc teacher today. I got an 87 on the final which raised my grade to a B!! Thanks for all your help this semester!

Enry G., a high school Calculus II student:

Hi Jay,

I got an A in Calculus 2 !!! I still can't believe it! Thank you for your patience, your thoughtfulness and many kindnesses, your concern for my welfare, and the extra effort you always put in on my behalf. All credit is due to you, Jay. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Say hi to your furry little buddy Moey,

Marian S., a high school physics student:

Hey Jay

Thanks mostly to you..I got a 91 on the final. Phew…have to say I wasn't really expecting that…:)

I want to thank you for everything, words can't really express how grateful I am for all of your patient, attentive help. Working with you has been an absolute pleasure and I consider myself very lucky to have found someone so dedicated to my doing well, 

I wish you the best with everything, 


Angela  P., a continuing-ed undergraduate calculus II student:

At first I was leery of  Jay's service as the sessions are comparatively pricey, really an extravagance for my modest budget. Boy was I ever wrong! After wasting many hundreds of dollars previously on so-called expert tutors for physics and calculus, I can honestly say that next to my iPad, this is the best investment I have made in years! I am an "older" student and have always been afflicted with terrible test anxiety. I flunked Calc 1 twice last year because I would freeze up and bomb exams. The more tests I failed the more terrified I became at test time. Jay exhibited an amazing  talent for digging down into the concepts that I was confused about (only I didn't realize I was confused about!) and putting everything together from different directions into an integrated  picture. Jay worked hard to nurture in me a sense of self-confidence that grew as we worked numerous examples together. As often as not, we ran way over the allotted time to complete an ongoing discussion. More than anything though, it was Jay's warm kindly way that carried the day and taught me to believe in myself. So how did I do? I got a B+ in Calc 2 which, needless to say, totally blew me away! 

Samantha M., formerly a C student in college precalculus.
After her second midtem she wrote:
Good news! I got a 104 on my last exam! The top grade in the class :)) i am so excited! Thank you so much for all your help!!!!!!! 
After her third midterm she wrote:
I got the best news ever!!!! I got a 102 on my exam and he said i get to skip the final and that never happens in his class. I am the only one who gets to skip the final!!!! :)))) 

Muidh  A., a graduate electrodynamics student:

Hi Jay, well this monster course has finally come to an end, thank God!  I appreciate the many hours of research you put in preparing for our tutoring sessions and your willingness to always go the extra mile to put me over the finish line. Thanks largely to you I got an A!!  I look forward to working with you in the fall on my statistical mechanics course....

Bradley C., a calculus 2 student at Virginia Tech:


I GOT AN A- IN CALCULUS !!!!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!! Thank you so much for your help I could not have done it without you.  I can get my diploma now, AND FINALLY START MY LIFE!! I thought I was gonna have to take this Calc II class again, but thank god Sara found you on the CL ad!  I appreciate all those times you put in that extra effort just to help me out especially that one at 11oclock at night the night before my final exam.  I can not tell you how grateful I am Jay to have had your help.  You are an awesome dude and I wish you all the best.


Deborah M. from Beverly, MA says of Dr. Weinberg:

This gentleman has now been my tutor for four weeks and I have excelled in my classes of graduate level Pharmacology and Pathology. Last evening Dr. Weinberg and I conducted a two hour intensive review to prepare me for upcoming oral examinations. He proved to be more exceptional and patient than ever. I learn so much from our sessions that I have decided to continue my study with him for longer than than initially thought

Elaine T. from Sudbury, MA says of Dr. Weinberg:

Bob is patient, very thorough, extremely competent and knowledgeable - he is an outstanding tutor. He is tutoring my high school daughter in science and will be starting a session with my other daughter in physics . We have been extremely pleased with having Bob tutor our daughters.

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                            Dr. Jay I. Simon

                            Dr. Robert Weinberg