Visualizing Astronomical Research Data

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Mainly Optical Data

  • HCG - Hickson Compact Groups of Galaxies (NASA data/J. Charlton's Research Project)
  • HH - Hubble Heritage Project (NASA/ESA/AURA). Images here were made by the team with Jayanne English as lead image-maker. 
HCG: HCG 31  Group Interaction with HST, Spitzer & GALEX data. (Hubblesite News Release.)

HH: HCG 87 Group Interaction.

HH: Heart of the Crab Nebula.

HCG: Seyfert's Sextet.

HCG: Stephan's Quintet.

HCG & HH: HCG 31 with HST data only.

HH: Polar Ring galaxy. 

HH: Globular Cluster. English & Hamilton.

Crab Nebula: English & Malin; Data: AAO, HST, Chandra.

HH: Interacting Galaxies. Levay & English. 

HH: Planetary Nebula. English & HH team. 

Mainly Radio Data

  • CGPS - Canadian Galactic Plane Survey
  • VGPS - VLA Galactic Plane Survey
  • CHANG-ES - Continuum Halos in Nearby Galaxies, an EVLA Survey   
CGPS: Cygnus Region of our Milky Way Galaxy. (Press Release)

CHANG-ES: Average Radio Halo Above Disks of Spiral Galaxies. (Press Release)

VGPS: Expanding Gas Shell in our Milky Way Galaxy.

CGPS: Anti-centre of our Milky Way Galaxy Disk; continuum radiation & dust.

CGPS: Mid-plane of our Milky Way Galaxy Disk: hydrogen gas & dust.

CGPS: Mid-plane of our Milky Way Galaxy Disk: hydrogen gas only. 

CGPS: Zoom in on W4 Chimney in the mid-plane of our Milky Way Galaxy.

CGPS: Mushroom-shaped Cloud emanating from our Milky Way Galaxy.

CHANG-ES: Foreground Galaxy & Background Quasar.

CGPS: Expanding Hydrogen Shell.


  • AC - Art Collaborations
  • Mosaics - Favourite examples of webpages constructed for Hubble Heritage 1998-2000
 AC: "Collide: Colliding Galaxies: Colour & Tones"  Nicole Lizee & Jayanne English.(Link to performance by Continuum Contemporary Music.)

AC: "Seeing is Believing - Experiment1". Jayanne English & Brad Miller. (Firefox.Link to the interactive - Move mouse to match images into categories.) 

Mosaic: Mandala Using the Bubble Nebula.

Mosaic: Mandala Using Heart of the Crab Nebula.

Mosaic: Pinwheel of Interacting Galaxies.