Foto: Alvaro del Campo

Associate Professor
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, D.C., Colombia
Ichthyology Lab. Edf.53, 108B
Teléfono: +(57-1) 320 83 20; ext.:4127
Twitter: @gymnopez 
Foto: Jorge García-Melo

My research interests focus on the patterns of Neotropical freshwater fish diversity and distribution and have centered on the question: what historical-ecological factors have driven the processes of diversification of Neotropical ichthyofauna?. My research are inline with what we now call evolutionary biogeography, which attempts to integrate information from various disciplines including systematics, ecology, molecular biology, geology, and geography so as to answer the basic question: where are species distributed and why are they distributed there? In my case, I apply this question to the freshwater fish of the Neotropics, the region with highest fish diversity in the world.