Associate ProfessorDepartment of Biology, School of SciencesPontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, D.C., ColombiaUnidad de Ecología y Sistemática (UNESIS)Ichthyology Lab. Edf.53, 108BTeléfono: +(571) 320 83 20; ext. 4127[e-mail] maldonadoj@javeriana.edu.co; gymnopez@gmail.com Twitter: @gymnopez CV PDF, CVLac

What historical and ecological factors have influenced the diversification of the Neotropical Freshwater Fish? This has been the basic question and central axis of my research in the framework of evolutionary biogeography, where I integrate information from various disciplines, such as the molecular biology, ecology, taxonomy, systematics, geology and geography.

But ¿what is the importance to understanding the reasons for the expression we see today in terms of the freshwater fish species in Colombia and the Neotropical region? This question has led me to work for several years with the aim of generating and strengthening the links between academia and society. The disconnection between our scientific work and society is a factor that leads to having to witness the degradation of our aquatic ecosystems, their associated biodiversity and the ecosystem services that they provide.

That is why, together with colleagues and students, I develop research projects on phylogeography, systematics, taxonomy, macroecology, aquatic ecology and biodiversity informatics, to generate data and information that promote the conservation and restoration of our aquatic ecosystems and provide visibility to the close links between fish and culture.