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Mike - Jarl of the Oak
About Me

'Jarl of the Oak' is my artist alter ego. My given name is Michael C. Oakes, and as well as an artist, I am an antiques, collectables and curios dealer, and an avid collector myself.

I deal online via my business 'Jarl's Attic', where I sell antiques, collectibles and curios, with a special focus on toys, to many other collectors across the world. 

I was born and bred in a little rural village on the outskirts of Nantwich in Cheshire.

I am also known by my pseudon
ym 'Jarl'. This name was given to me in jest by an old Heathen (Norse Pagan) friend. 'Jarl' translates from Old Norse as 'earl'. It also links to my second given name, which is Charles. Charles is also known as 'Carl' in germanic nameology.

In my spare time I am an artist, poet, photographer and craftsman. My artwork can be described as unique and unusual. My first published poem can be seen in the anthology 'Homage to Cheshire'.

I am also a Pagan and a trained experienced practitioner of Folk Witchcraft. Which is a modern term for folk magic, charms and customs, in the tradition of conjurors, charmers, healers and the cunning folk of Britain.

Jess & Mike
My praxis also includes herbalism, ancestor veneration and hedge riding (from the Anglo-Saxon 'haegtessa'). My interests include history, hiking, archaeology, the paranormal, the occult, wildcrafting, ceramics, nature, zombies and video games.

I also love gardening, and have spent a lot of quality time attending to my plants, making my own stone circle, herb garden, and rearing the flora of the Earth. I also dabble in a bit of wine making!

I am a devoted husband to my Wife, Jess, and my three children; Jake, Drew and Aydan; 
and three step-children; Alex, Poppy and Daisy.

I also love animals and have two pet dogs and a pet rabbit.

What's On This Site?

An exhibition of some my artwork, which I have put under the following headings:-

And also my profile as an avid Toy Collector, with a link to my YouTube Channel and videos:-

Why This Site?

I love drawing, it helps me relax, record and visualise things, whether out of my imagination or from the material world. It also forms part of my hobby of turning mysterious places into artwork as part of a magical group, called the Mystic Masque.

I love visiting mysterious and historic places, which in turn, inspire my creativity.

I also love to illustrate friends work, whether it be poetry, books, or designing tattoos for them!

I decided on creating this Website, to exhibit some of my artwork for the enjoyment and interest of others, as well as an additional website showcasing my art to the magical group, the Mystic Masque @ http://www.mysticmasque.com/.

You can find me on Facebook too,
'Jarl of the Oak' on Facebook

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