She progressed through a classical training up to Grade 8 on piano and clarinet and began writing songs at the age of 14. Encouraged by her mother, a guitar teacher, she began singing in local churches and continued this as she went to University, singing and playing at a variety of venues in Leeds. Her first recording was made with some friends in 1992 and when she left University she joined the newly established ‘YFriday’, before leaving in 1998 to concentrate on her solo material once more. After six years of teaching History, she decided to pursue music as a full time career in 2002. Her first CD ‘Simple Life’ is an EP of contemporary songs, while ‘In the Stillness’ is a collection of worship songs.

Her musical journey has continued as she has developed her music in performing, teaching piano, leading worship and entertaining older groups in the community with local songs and anecdotes. These sessions also feature her dad, Derek Minto, very popular with the older ladies!! In 2007 they recorded an album of local songs and readings, ‘Keep Your Feet Still’ and 2009 saw the release of their follow up, ‘Ca’ Hawkie’. In 2008 Jane also recorded a live acoustic album, ‘Through the Valley’, which examines aspects of our journey through life as seen through the lens of faith. 
2012-13 has seen Jane back in the studio recording a new album of very personal songs, written over the preceding few years. ‘Still Waters’ will available through the website and also through iTunes and on Spotify.

All of Jane’s CD’s are available for ordering via the website.
Jane is also active as a member of her church, based in Bill Quay. She helps to co-ordinate the Music Group and the Children’s Work there with her husband, Jon.