Optical Table CNC Lathe - Bellows 2

While I was in the process of designing 3D printed bellows, I came across a seller on AliExpress that sold bellows for a number of different rails. One of them was a type 45 rail and the cross section looked compatible with the rails I have. So I ordered some.

And they do fit great!

Aside from the linear rails, the linear actuator needed a new set of bellows. The existing set was too short for the range of motion, because I removed one of the two trucks:

Also, the existing bellows were damaged in a lot of places, so I decided to take some pictures and measurements and send those to the seller and see if he could make a custom set for me:

The seller asked me for a DXF file for the plastic guide in the existing bellows and so I made one in Fusion 360. A little while later I had shiny new bellows for the linear actuator as well.

I did not want to lose any range of motion, so I 3D printed extensions to all the linear rails:

They work great: