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ClickScan - Updated 6/17/2016 --(The download actually matches the description of the application.) This simple program makes single switch access to some programs and especially some web pages easier for adapted mouse or switch interface users. It now has a new feature called "Target Mode" that allows you to provide your user with a timed cause/effect experience that works well with media players. ClickScan is much simpler to use than SwitchWedge or ButtonBar which are also found on this site.

Links to Your Tooby Web Pages - Updated 4/10/2015 -These pages offer users a simplified YouTube video experience with a large video screen, little clutter, and large controls. It works well with an interactive whiteboard, and has a search option that retrieves a playlist of up to 20 videos based on your search phrase. A new link will take you to a new page offering auditory scan support and better viewing experience on different devices.

ButtonBar --- A simple on-screen programmable keyboard offering enhanced accessibility for interactive whiteboards, many standard applications and websites. ButtonBar provides 5 fat buttons that can send clicks to user defined targets, and/or send complex sets of keyboard commands to applications. Updated 7/8/2013 with bug fixes.

SwitchWedge ---(Updated 10/1/2013 bug fixes, documentation changes) The improved switch interface enhancer for any, and all switch interfaces that supports 5 inputs, combines ClickWedge, KeyboardWedge, and JoystickWedge in a single utility, and lets you save as many setups as you want for quick reconfiguration!

 KeyTalkC --- An aid for struggling readers that offers simple one word at a time highlighting with test-to-speech capability  for word processors and editors.

The 2012 Review of Freeware Assistive Technology Aids for  Windows ComputersA review of freeware assistive technology aids for Windows computers. This presentation will be given at the October 29th-30th 2012 Adirondack AT Expo at the Wild Center Museum, Tupper Lake, NY (The original XMind project file is available on the Downloads Page.) 
"CDSpecial" - Combine CD audio and video for rich cause and effect activities.
"myMediaPlayer" - Combine your choice of music and video to create switch accessible cause and effect activities.
"launcher6" - Teach scanning, choice making, and link to activities with this simple and free tool with a built-in editor.
"countDownTimer" - Set limits, or help students make transitions successfully with this full screen countdown timer.
"eStoryMaker" - Make accessible e stories that can run on any old Windows PC without installing any software.
"clickMitigator" - Turn a single click into a delay timer to make YouTube or other videos into a cause and effect activity - use to ignore extra, disruptive clicks. Control the mouse cursor completely with the left mouse click!. And now with Spot Scanning - make many websites switch accessible!
"dragKeys" - Copy text with one key - use with clipboard text-to-speech programs to read aloud almost any text in most programs.
"dragKeysPlus" - Copy text with one key, send clipboard contents with another - works great with MyStudyBar, Orato, and LetMeType.
 The "Web Page Communicator Package" including "formEdit". - Use almost any old computer as a dynamic display communications device!
"SoundToys" - Use these programs to encourage movement with a web camera mouse! A cause and effect activity and one for exploring choice making.
JoystickWedge - lmproved! Like clickMitigator, but better. Converts joystick button input into click sequences like clickMitigator, keyboard sequences, and can be used for single switch mouse control. Turn an adapted joystick into a programmable switch interface. And now with Spot Scanning - make many websites switch accessible!
KeyboardWedge - Improved! Enhance your DJ or Quizworks or other switch interface with features for your single switch user like those supported by JoystickWedge including click sequences, keystroke sequences, and single switch mouse control. And now with Spot Scanning - make many websites switch accessible!
ClickWedge  - Turn your switch adapted mouse into a low cost enhanced switch interface with support for full single switch mouse control! This widget has all the features of clickMitigator, and includes all the features of KeyboardWedge as well.
followKeyIf you use Ctrl-f (find text) to locate hyperlinks while browsing the Internet, FollowKey allows you to follow the found hyperlink with a single key press

All the above apps are portable (some may require Quicktime, and text-to-speech supports.)

Do-it-yourself details on two minimal motion, minimal force dual switches - One electro-mechanical and one electronic.

Find the Downloads here

And be sure to check the WWW.OATSOFT.ORG  site for all your open source and freeware assistive technology needs.