Google Alphabet

Once upon a time google would link to all sorts of pages if you did a search for individual letters.

Now most of these link to wikipedia. I suppose that's progress. I'll leave the names of where these used to link.

A a is for Apple

B b is for B & H photo video

C c is for C-span

D d is for D-link

E e is for E! online

F f is for Fucked Company

G g is for Gmail

H h is for H-net Humanities and Social Sciences

I i is for  iTunes

J j is for Jennifer Lopez

K k is for Kmart

L l is for the Council of Europe

M m is for Texas A & M University

N n is for Blue Web'n

O o is for O'reilly

P p is for The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Q q is for Q4music

R r is for The R project for statistical computing

S s is for MacDonald's

T t is for AT & T

U u is for University of Arizona

V v is for V for Vendetta

W w is for W hotels

X x is for X org

Y y is for Yahoo Messenger

Z z is for A-Z teacher stuff