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Tudor Rose

This is not about perfection.

This is about fate.

Google Alphabet


hich started with a doodle, but turned out quite nice. It has nothing to do with the Tudor calligraphy, or roses, but has a nice heavy feel to it and good curves (spiro spines). The lower case I am quite happy with, but the uppercase looks a bit forced. Currently only the ascii range is covered.

Download Tudor Rose



SED in the title. A sans-serif made by folding strips of paper into letters. The spacing is based on blackletter. The range of characters is slowly improving. The design needs a large size to work well, at least 120 pixels. The origami ornaments are a bonus.

Download Fold



N attempt to do something new. A sharp edged design but with rounded letters. I've tried to make it suitable for text. The serifs at the bottom are replaced with slants. Wide international support. Currently only an upright and a slanted variants are available.

Download Pierce

See a PDF sample

Transcends Games


UILT around straight lines and quarter circles, this font has a retro-futuristic feel. Like all the other fonts, it is available for free download, use and sharing. This covers all of ASCII.

Download Transcends Games

T Ball/JK hand



HE first, a handwriting scan. Also includes some hiragana. Friendly and open, but rather incomplete.

Download T ball

Let's trace

HIS font is for learners to trace, and comes in ruled and unruled versions. It has simple letter forms based on circles and lines, and long ascenders and decenders and wide spaces to emphasize the importance of these. This makes it especially useful for teaching to children in East Asia.

Extensive international support makes this suitable for learners of many nations.Now with an italic variant.

Download Let's trace



REATED with the calligraphy tool of inkscape. The forms are generally italic, with only slight slant. The font is light and clean.

Download Inkcalig



ASED on an eighteenth century clock maker's sign from an old edition of Signs of the Times magazine. The lower case is an italic from a penny postcard. An oblique and a slanted version of this font are included. The old small-caps are still there, as an OpenType feature.

Download Pugsley



HESS pieces, for laying out puzzles or annotating games. The pieces are bold and simple in form, they are cross-cultural and do not use Christian iconography. It includes pieces with built in dark and light backgrounds.

Download Chess

All fonts are copyright James Kilfiger. They may used, modified and redistributed under a SIL open font licence. Sources for these fonts (as fontforge .sfd files) are available The text of this web page is free for any used providing I am fairly credited.

Contact me: james.kilfiger@gmail.com