I am a senior lecturer in automotive engineering at Coventry University in the United Kingdom. I currently teach 1st and 2nd year fluid mechanics to the mechanical, automotive, motorsport and aeronautical cohorts.

My primary research field is the study of turbulence using computational fluid dynamics (CFD); particularly Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of turbulent boundary layers, turbulent jets, and boundary layer control. I am active in the biomechanics research field, particularly CFD modelling of the hemodynamics of the left descending coronary artery. For my research, I generally prefer to use (and contribute to) open-source software; particularly OpenFOAM, Nek5000, python, paraview and Linux. My project students have studied a diverse range of topics ranging from the hydrodynamics of humpback whale flippers to producing CFD models of the Curtin FSAE car in conjunction with iVEC.

Time-averaged streamlines of a pitched and skewed vortex generating jet, issuing into a turbulent boundary layer. The streamlines show higher momentum fluid from the outer regions of the boundary layer (red streamlines) being swept into the near-wall region. The simulation was computed using a custom LES boundary-layer code, inlet boundary conditions were provided with a variant of the Lund et al inflow generation condition. [Ref.: Jewkes et al., AIAA J. 49(1):247–250, 2011]

PhD Students