James Farre

I am starting my fifth year in the University of Utah where I am a PhD candidate studying hyperbolic 3-manifolds, bounded cohomology, and geometric group theory. My advisor is Ken Bromberg.

For the fall semester, I will be on the East coast at Yale University.

I expect to finish my PhD in May 2019, which means that I am on the job market.

I will be giving talks this fall:

  • Geometric Group Theory and Topology at Tufts, Oct. 2nd
  • Vanderbilt Topology and Group Theory Seminar, Oct. 10th
  • Ohio State University Group Theory Seminar, Oct. 16th
  • University of Virginia Geometry Seminar, Oct. 30th
  • Yale University Geometry and Topology Seminar, Nov. 6th

Contact me at:

farre (at) math (dot) utah (dot) edu