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2017 British Quilt and Stitch Village 3D Category – Child’s dress - 1st Place 
2017 Festival of Quilts Quilt Creations - ‘Silvery Threads’ Boy’s waistcoat 1st Place 
2017 World Quilt Show Traditional Category - ’50 Hearts for 50 Years” 3rd Place 
2017 The Jen Jones Challenge Red Strippy - Visitor’s Choice 
2017 The Quilting Show, Glasgow Traditional Category – Multifiori – Bronze Award 
2017 Quilts UK, Malvern Theme Category - 'Up the Garden Path’ - 3rd Place 
2017 Quilts UK, Malvern Cot Quilt - ‘Etude’ - 2nd Place 
2016 Costume & Textile Association Exhibition Gentleman’s early 19th century waistcoat has been juried into the "Norwich Shawls: Past Glory, Present Inspiration" 
2016 British Quilt & Stitch Village 3D Category - Kimono Jacket - 2nd Place 
2016 Quilts UK, Malvern Theme Category - "50 Hearts for 50 Years" - First Place 
2016 The Quilting Show, Glasgow Traditional Category - ‘The Magic of Anne Anderson’ - Gold Award 
2015 Quilts UK Cot Quilt Category - ‘Trees of Life’ - 1st Place 
2014 Quilts UK 2014 Cot Quilt Category - ‘A Spotless Roade’ - 1st Place 
2014 National Quilt Championships Theme Category “2nd June 1953” - The De Haviland Award for Embellishment 
2014 National Quilt Championships Wearable Art Category “ Regency Jacket” - 1st Place 
2014 National Quilt Championships Theme Category “2nd June 1953” - 2nd Place 
2014 National Quilt Championships Miniature Quilt Category “Feathers” - 2nd Place 
2014 British Quilt & Stitch Village 3-Dimensional Category - Boy’s Waistcoat - 1st Place 
2014 Scottish National Championships Small wallhanging Category - “Flower Garden” 2nd place 
2014 The Geoffrey Squire Memorial Competition (Costume & Textile Association for Norfolk Museums) Garments & Accessories category - Boy’s waistcoat 2nd Place and the best member’s prize in that category 
2013 West Country Quilt Show Small Wallhanging - Lux Aurumque - Best Hand Quilting Award 
2013 West Country Quilt Show Small Wallhanging - Lux Aurumque - 1st Place 
2013 National Quilt Championships Wearable Art Category - Child's Dress - 1st Place 
2013 Quilts UK Malvern Cot Quilt Category - Candy Kisses - 1st Place 
2013 British Quilt & Stitch Village Bed Quilts Category - In Dulci Jubilo - 3rd Place 
2013 World Quilt Competition 2013 Traditional Category - 'Candy Kisses' 2nd Place 
2013 British Quilt & Stitch Village Three Dimensional Category - Gauntlet and Box - 3rd Place 
2013 National Quilt Championships Theme 'A Touch of Yellow' - 49 Shade of Grey and a Touch of Yellow - 3rd Place 
2013 National Quilt Championships Small Wallhanging - Provencal - 2nd Place 
2012 Festival of Quilts Bucket Bag - 2nd Prize - Quilt Creations 
2012 Special Exhibits 'Hands Around 2012' 'Lux Arumque' - By Invitation 
2012 National Quilt Championships Boy's Waistcoat - Wearable Art 1st Prize 
2012 Patchwork & Quilting Magazine 'Threaducation Star' Award! 
2012 Quilts & Embroidery, Uttoxeter Lady's Cap - First place -Three dimensional (Quilts)  
2012 Quilts UK, Malvern 'In Dulci Jubilo' - First Place - Cot Quilt category & Best in Show 
2012 Quilts UK, Malvern 'Feathers' - Second Place - Miniature category 
2012 National Quilt Championships 'Pink? Of Corset is!' - Charity Theme 2nd Prize 
2012 National Quilt Championships 'Pink? Of Corset is!' - Jane Petty Judges Choice Award 
2012 National Quilt Championships 'Pink? Of Corset is!' - Hand Quilting 1st Prize 
2012 World Quilt Competition (New England USA) 'In Dulci Jubilo' - Best Hand Workmanship Award (Traditional) 
2012 National Quilt Championships 'Flower Garden' - Theme Category 1st Prize 
2011 Open European Quilt Championships (Nederlands) 'Lux Aurumque' Award of Merit 
2011 Festival of Quilts Miniature category - 'Ring of Roses' Highly Commended 
2011 World Quilt Show 'Lux Aurumque' - Best Hand Workmanship Award 
2011 Quilts & Embroidery 2011, Uttoxeter 'Floribunda' 2nd place Wall hanging category 
2011 Quilts UK (Malvern) 'Floribunda' Wholecloth Quilting Award 
2011 Quilts UK (Malvern) 'Floribunda' 2nd Small Wallhanging Category 
2010 Quilts in the Garden Visitors Choice 
2010 Great Northern Quilt Show, Harrogate 'Lullaby' - 1st Hand Quilting 
2010 Festival of Quilts 3rd Miniature Quilts 
2010 Festival of Quilts Highly Commended 
2010 National Quilt Championships (Sandown Park) The National Quilt Championship Trophy for Best in Show 
2010 Great Northern Quilt Show, Harrogate 'Lullaby' - 1st Cot Quilt 
2010 National Quilt Championships (Sandown Park) 1st Wearable Art 
2010 National Quilt Championships (Sandown Park) 1st Hand Quilting 
2009 Excellence in Europe (Festival of Quilts 2009) Chosen to represent The Quilters Guild of the British Isles 
2009 Great Northern Quilt Show, Harrogate 'I Wonder as I Wander' - First prize Hand Quilting 
2009 Festival of Quilts 'Feathers' - Miniature category - 2nd prize 
2009 Quilts in the Garden Second place in three dimensional category 
2009 Great Northern Quilt Show, Harrogate 'I Wonder as I Wander' - First prize Cot Quilts 
2008 Festival of Quilts ‘Filigree’ – Second Prize (Hand Quilting Category) 
2008 Quilts UK 'Flora Grande' – Small Wall Hangings Category – First Prize 
2008 IQA Fall Festival, Houston 'Flora' – Finalist. 
2008 Festival of Quilts Lady’s 18th Century Jacket – Highly Commended 
2008 IQA Fall Festival, Houston 'Flora Grande' – Honourable Mention (Merit Hand Quilting Category). 
2008 National Quilt Championships ‘Viva Versace’- Miniature category – First prize 
2008 Quilts UK 'Flora Grande' – Whole Cloth Quilt Category – First Prize 
2008 National Quilt Championships ‘Viva Versace’- Whole cloth’ category – First Prize 
2008 Great Northern Quilt Show, Harrogate 'A Quilt for Patricia' – First Cot Quilt Category. 
2008 Quilts in the Garden 'Flora' Wall Hangings Category – First Prize 
2008 Great Northern Quilt Show, Harrogate 'Rose Garden' – First Miniature / Doll Quilt Category. 
2008 Festival of Quilts 'Flora Grande' – First Prize (Traditional Small Category) 
2008 Makower/Quilters’ Guild Challenge ‘Out of the Shadows into the Light’ Waistcoat – First Prize 
2007 Autumn Quilt Festival (Chilford) ‘An Explosion of Colour’ - 3rd place 
2007 National Quilt Championships 'Golden Memories' - 1st Hand Quilting Category 
2007 Festival of Quilts 'I Wonder as I Wander' - 2nd Traditional (Small) Category 
2007 The Great Northern Quilt Festival Christening Gown – 1st Wearable Art 
2007 European Championships ‘Tomorrow shall be my Dancing Day’ - 2nd Traditional Category, plus award ‘Quiltmania’ Magazine 
2007 Miniature Quilt Contest at International Quilt Week, Yokohama 'Flora' – Award of Excellence prize 
2007 International Quilt Festival, Houston 'I Wonder as I Wander' - 2nd Merit Hand Quilting 
2007 Festival of Quilts Christening Gown – 3rd Quilt Creations 
2007 National Quilt Championships 'Golden Memories' - 1st Small Wallhanging Category 
2007 Quilts UK 'In the Pink’- 2nd Cot Quilt Category 
2007 Festival of Quilts ''Viva' Versace' – 3rd Miniature Category 
2007 National Quilt Championships 'Golden Memories' - Maggie Davies Judges Choice 
2006 National Quilt Championships (Sandown Park) 'Sarum' (Christening Gown) - 1st Wearable Art Category. 
2006 Festival of Quilts 'Tomorrow shall be my Dancing Day' - Hand Quilting 1st Prize. 
2006 National Quilt Championships (Sandown Park) 'With a little bit of love in every stitch' - 1st Miniature Quilt & 1st Wholecloth Category. 
2006 Quilts UK (Malvern) 'Tomorrow shall be my Dancing Day' - 1st Cot Quilt Category & 1st Hand Quilting Prize. 
2006 The Great Northern Quilt Show (Harrogate) Wedding Waistcoat – 1st Wearable Art category and 1st Hand Quilting 
2006 A World of Beauty (Houston) 'Tomorrow shall be my Dancing Day' - 1st Prize Merit Quilting (Hand) 
2006 National Quilt Championships (Sandown Park) 'Blue and White' - Judge's Merit Award.  
2006 Quilts UK (Malvern) 'Springtime Shadows' - 3rd Miniature Quilt Category. 
2006 Festival of Quilts Carrow Waistcoat - Quilt Creations 1st Prize. 
2006 International Quilt Week Yokohama 2006 Miniature Quilt Contest – ‘A Little Bit of Love in Every Stitch’ - 1st Prize , Traditional Category 
2005 Quilts UK, Malvern 'Houston Nine-Patch' - Theme Category - Judges Merit Award.  
2005 Quilts UK, Malvern 'Pointe de Gaze Rose' - Small Wallhanging Category - Trophy for Wholecloth Quilt Judges Merit Award. 
2005 National Quilt Championships 'Rosa' - Wearable Art Category - 3rd prize. 
2005 National Quilt Championships 'Quercus' - Miniature Quilts Category - 1st prize. 
2005 Yokohama International Quilt Week 2005 - Miniature Quilt Contest  'Blue and White' - 3rd Prize. 
2005 Festival of Quilts 'Lullay my Liking' - Hand Quilting Award - 1st Prize. 
2005 Festival of Quilts 'Blue and White' - Hand Quilting Award - 2nd Prize.  
2005 Quilts UK, Malvern 'Duchesse' with Sue Goodman - Two-person Quilt Category - Trophy for Embellishment 2nd in Category. 
2005 Festival of Quilts Traditional Quilts (small) - 2nd Prize - 'Lullay my Liking' (Sandy Lush's Judges Award). 
2005 Festival of Quilts Quilt Creations - 2nd Prize - 'Rosa'. 
2004 National Quilt Championships 'Heritage Christening Gown' - Wearable Art - 1st prize & Professional Category - 1st prize. 
2004 Quilts UK, Malvern 'Falling Leaves' - Doll / Miniature Quilt - 1st prize. 
2004 'Miniatures from the Heart Contest' (Miniature Quilts Magazine) 'Falling Leaves' - Traditional Category - 1st Prize. 
2004 Festival of Quilts 'Lullay my Liking' - Cot Quilt - 2nd prize. 
2004 Festival of Quilts 'Pointe de Gaze Rose' - 1st Small Traditional Category. 
2004 International Quilt Association - 'A World of Beauty', Houston 'Heritage Christening Gown' - Honourable mention. 
2003 European Championships 'Falling Leaves' - Advanced Category - 2nd Prize. 
2003 National Quilt Championships 'Tudor Echoes' - Hoffman Challenge - Runners up prize. 
2003 Patchwork & Quilting Magazine 'Fantastique' - Small is Beautiful Challenge - Judges special mention. 
2003 Festival of Quilts 'Heritage Christening Gown' - Quilt Creations category - Third prize. 
2002 Quilts UK, Malvern 'Secret Garden' - Miniature Quilts - 1st prize. 
2002 The European Championships 'Coral Rhapsody' - Traditional section - 2nd prize. 
2002 The Great Northern Quilt Show 'Falling Leaves' - Miniature Quilt Contest - 1st prize. 
2002 International Quilt Week Yokohama 'Jubilate' - Miniature Quilt Contest - Semi Grand-Priz. 
2001 Quilts UK, Malvern 'Coral Rhapsody' Cot Quilt - 2nd prize. 
2001 National Quilt Championships 'Shalimar, Garden of Delights' - Hoffman Challenge - runners up prize. 
2000 Quilts North, Harrogate 'Feathers' - Miniature Quilts - 1st prize. 
2000 International Quilt Week Yokohama 'Secret Garden' - Miniature Quilt Contest - 1st prize. 
2000 Quilts UK, Malvern 'Feathers' - Miniature Quilts - 2nd prize & Hand Quilting - 2nd prize. 
1999 Popular Patchwork Magazine, Miniature Quilt Competition 'Feathers' - 3rd Prize. 
1999 Autumn Festival, Chilford 'Simply Stylish' wall hanging - 2nd prize. 
1998 National Quilt Championships Wearable Art - '222' Hour Jacket - 3rd prize. 
1996 N/A Completed City & Guilds Patchwork & Quilting Part 1. 
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