Welcome to the Grace Lab at Texas A&M!

Contact information

Texas A&M University

Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences

Email: jkgrace AT tamu.edu

Phone: 979-458-9871

What we do

Our lab is interested in how animals and their communities respond to stressors in their environment. We answer this in terms of physiology (e.g., hormones, parasites, immune response, body condition, isotopes), ecology (e.g., diversity, abundance, productivity), life history (e.g., reproductive success, survival), and behavior.

The big questions of our research are:

(1) How do animals perceive potentially informative cues?

(2) What are the physiological mechanisms that mediate between these cues and phenotypic change?

(3) What are the long-term fitness consequences of these changes?

We use a variety of avian systems to answer these questions including passerines, seabirds, and waterfowl.