Jacob Kaminker, PhD, REAT
Licensed Psychologist, PSY 26445

Individual and Couples Psychotherapy
Berkeley and San Rafael, CA

I once read a story about a man who would talk reassuringly to his cactus, letting it know that it was safe. The cactus learned that it no longer needed thorns. If you have had experiences that have closed off your openness to the world or your authentic self, you may have also grown thorns. Whether you have been touched by trauma, grief, loss, or simply an environment that does not understand you, I want to help you to find a way to live more fully. You have a place in the world. Let's try to find it together.

You may need to find a way to navigate your relationships and life choices. You may have old wounds or new grief to heal. We can work together to understand in what ways difficult external situations have created inner voices that block your connection to your own inner guidance.

I want to help you tap into all of your resources, whether they be creative or spiritual practices, your nightly dreams, a sense of purpose, resiliency, or inner strength. Together, we can build for you a clearer sense of the story that is your life.

I treat
young adults through elder clients, individuals and couples, with a wide range of concerns, including anxiety and depression. I specialize in trauma, relational issues, and life transitions, such as grief and end-of-life issues.

To Contact Me, Please CallĀ 
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With therapy offices at:

3036 Regent Street
Berkeley, CA 94705

1330 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 104
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