About Me

Welcome! My name is Jackson Salvatore Morrow. I am an Assistant Professor in the mathematics department at the University of North Texas

From 2022 -- 2023, I was a NSF Postdoc at the University of California, Berkeley where my mentor is Paul Vojta, and from 2022 -- 2021, I was a RTG Post-doctoral scholar  at the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to that in 2020 -- 2021, I was a CRM Postdoctoral Fellow for the thematic semester in Cohomology in Arithmetic.  I received my PhD in May 2020 from Emory University where I was a student  of David Zureick-Brown

My broad mathematical interests lie in number theory, arithmetic geometry, and algebraic geometry; see the Research tab for more information. 

My CV can be found here

My non-mathematical hobbies include playing/coaching soccer and cooking. 

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Photo credit: My wife, Lea Beneish

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