My Messenger Plus Live Scripts

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    My Scripts
  • Myspace Manager
    Myspace Manager is a script that alerts you when you have a new myspace comment, message, friend request etc. It also keeps a record of your friends myspace page so you can visit their profile from a click of a button or by typing "/profile" in the conversation.
  • Random Fact Generator
    Choose to display a random fact in your conversations from either Chuck Norris (/chuck), Mr T (/mrt) or Vin Diesel (/vin) using the bracketed commands.

  • ePenis Uptime (Internet Ego Script)
    Its nature for men to compete with each other, everything has to be better, bigger and larger. ePenis brings the instinctive need to compete to the virtual world of Messenger. This script calculates your ePenis size, keeps a record of your largest erection and displays the size in inches AND centimeters!
    Be an internet hero, get your own ePenis today ;)

  • Cup Holder Script
    Unknown to many, your everyday PC comes with a built in cup holder. This script allows you to use this feature.

  • HTML Text Parser
    This script allows you to use the HTML tags <b>, <i>, <s> and <u> in your messenger conversations.