My PhD Thesis received a runner-up award GDR GPL 2016
13 June 2017 (15:00): Ceremony during the "Journées nationales du GDR GPL" at Montpellier

REVE 2017
5th Reverse Variability Workshop @splc17
26 September, Sevilla, Spain
We are pleased to announce that Professor Klaus Schmid , head of the Software Systems Engineering group at the University of Hildesheim, accepted our invitation for participating as keynote speaker.
Submissions are closed.

Revue Génie Logiciel, n°  120, pages 32-36, Mars 2017
Challenges and innovation roadmap for variability management 
in round-trip engineering of software-intensive systems" 
Andrey Sadovykh, Alessandra Bagnato, Jacques Robin, Alexander Viehl, 
Tewfik Ziadi and Jabier Martinez

ICSE 2017: Tool Demo Paper
Bottom-Up Technologies for Reuse: Automated Extractive Adoption of Software Product Lines
presented in the Demo Track of ICSE 2017. 20-28 May, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Researcher on Software Engineering
Post-doc at Sorbonne University UPMC
Round-trip Engineering and Variability Management Platform and Process


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Research interests:
Variability management
Software Product Line Engineering
Mining existing assets, reverse engineering, refactoring, to achieve higher levels of reuse
Applied research

Workshop organization:
Reverse Variability Engineering (REVE) 2017@SPLC2016@SPLC2015@SPLC2014@SPLC and 2013@CSMR
Knowledge-Oriented Product Line Engineering (KOPLE) 2012@SPLC,  2011@SPLC and  2010@SPLASH,OOPSLA

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