Take a journey with Janet and Joan and explore new and exciting technology ideas for your classroom. Integrating technology into the curriculum is their passion, bringing years of experience from campus, district, national, and international levels to their workshops and presentations. Be prepared to ride away with new ideas for all grade levels and curriculum areas.  The following workshops/sessions are available as presentations or workshops. We also provide keynote presentations, personalized training, and cadre coaching. 

Session/Workshop Descriptions


We’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

Are you tired of using the same old websites, programs and apps with your teachers and students? Take a journey with Janet and Joan as they travel down the Ed Tech Memory Lane and end the trip by sharing some of the best new tech tools for engaging students and delivering curriculum.


Using Tech Tools to Support Your Inclusion Students

Let's explore together the many tech tools that are available to successfully support the inclusion students in your classroom. This session is designed for the classroom teacher who needs to know more about strategies, extensions, websites and accessibility features that will enable them to best support their students.

This could be done as an elementary session, a secondary session or combined.

Top Tech Tools for Formative Assessment

Teachers and students can be provided ongoing, real-time feedback utilizing many technology tools that are currently available in schools. The immediate results that can be accessed through technology tools can assist educators as they strive to improve instructional strategies and student learning in their classroom. Attendees in this session will learn how teachers can utilize technology to easily assess student understanding before they move on to the next topic or lesson.

This could be done as an elementary session, a secondary session or combined.

Transform Your Review Activities – Tech and Non-Tech

Are you wanting to create and use exciting activities to help your students review for an upcoming exam or quiz? Do your current activities need to be more fun and engaging? This session will inspire you to transform your review activities to improve student mastery of the content.

This could be done as an elementary session, a secondary session or combined.

What’s New?  What’s Hot? What’s Cool?

Have you seen the latest technology tools, websites, gadgets and apps?  We’ll explore some of our favorite finds that will make your head spin! Audience members will have an opportunity to share their favorite new, hot and cool tech tools. You will not want to miss this engaging, fun and informative session!

Good for all grade levels and subject areas.

This has been a very popular session! It’s fun but they learn about lots of new tools. Good for all grade levels and subject areas.

The Best Tools for Busy Teachers

Teachers are known for sharing what works best in their classrooms. We’ve curated a list of awesome tech tools and ideas that we have discovered on social media, at conferences, and through our educator PLN and we want to share them with you! We will include safe music playlists, video resources other than YouTube, free presentation templates, free font sources, sound effects and more!

Good for all grade levels and subject areas.

I Didn’t Know Google Chrome Could Do That!

Even if you have been using Google Chrome for years, there are probably a few tips and tricks you might not know about. Let’s explore some of the most useful Google Chrome features that can help make your life easier!

Good for all grade levels and subject areas.

Let’s Hear It From the Kids!

Explore how students can use audio and video tools to reflect on their learning, practice their reading and communication skills, and present information to others using audio and video tools. 

Good for all grade levels and subject areas.

Favorite Tech Tools for Math, Science, Social Studies and ELA 

Join us as we share our favorite tech tools for the four core subjects - math, science, social studies and ELA. You will leave this collaborative session with subject-specific websites, extensions, and apps.

This could be done as an elementary session, a secondary session or combined.

Creating Engaging Activities with Google Drawings

Let’s learn the basics of Google Drawings and how it can be used in your classroom and professional development. Together we will explore student and teacher examples of graphic organizers, drag and drop activities, PD handouts, creative lessons and more. And of course, you will leave the session with the skills to create your own activities in Google Drawings!

This could be done as an elementary session, a secondary session or combined.


Digital Choice Boards for the Win!

Are you looking for ways to engage your students? Do you want your students to have a choice on the assignments they complete? Then Digital Choice Boards are the way to go! We will explore examples of choice boards for all content and grade levels and learn how to easily create them using some of our favorite tech tools. Plus, we will look at how administrators are using Choice Boards with their staff.

This could be done as an elementary session, a secondary session or combined.


Tech Tools for Early Learners

Your little ones love to use devices to play "games", but how can they be used for instruction? You'll be amazed at the things even your tiny tots can do when given the chance to use technology to create and learn.  Walk away with ideas that can be used immediately in the classroom.

Designed for PreK-2nd grade.

Adding Creativity to Your Tech Presentations and Projects

Are you interested in adding some creativity to your presentations and projects? We will explore fonts, images, logos and more that can add a little pizazz to your designs. Leave this session ready to create!

Good for all grade levels and subject areas.

Tech Tool Smackdown

Join Janet, Joan, and a few of their favorite techies for a fun, fast-paced smackdown showcasing beloved apps, websites, and tech tools. Audience members will also have an opportunity to share their favorites. Enjoy the energy, sharing, laughter, and by the time you leave, you’ll have a longer list of digital tools to pull from!

This session is designed to include 2 or 3 people from the school/district who are willing to share resources. 


Tech Talk for Administrators

What technology tools are you using in your role as an administrator? How do you model the use of technology for your staff? Can you use tech tools in your staff meetings? Who do you follow on social media? Let's discuss these questions and more in a lively discussion format!

Professional Development Extreme Makeover

Revolutionize the integration of the latest technology skills into the curriculum by transforming your professional development. Learn new methods and strategies to create this extreme makeover for your campus or district. The session will address different learning environments, best practices for integrating technology into the curriculum and ideas for increasing teacher productivity and professional status.

Instructional Technologists Sharing Best Practices

Are you a campus/district instructional technologist looking for the latest tech tools, PD ideas, new colleagues for your PLN or you just want to share your thoughts and have your questions answered? Join your colleagues in this session designed specifically for the people who collaborate with teachers to facilitate the use of technology in schools.


Both Janet and Joan are Nearpod Certified Trainers and Nearpod Pionears. If your school/district utilizes Nearpod, these sessions would be excellent options.

Up Your Game with Advanced Nearpod

Nearpod is already one of your favorite tools, but do you want to learn advanced skills that will make it even better? Leave this session with tons of new ideas.

App-smashing! Adding Your Favorite Web Content to Nearpod

When using Nearpod's web content feature, you have the entire Internet at your fingertips! This will be a collaborative, idea-sharing session that will include websites you might not know that can be used inside of a Nearpod presentation or as a stand-alone site. Participate in activities that can easily be modified and used in your classroom and/or PD opportunities. Leave with a digital handout that includes step-by-step directions, lists of resources, and a Padlet that includes ideas from the audience..

The Magic of Nearpod Draw It!

The Draw It Activity is definitely our favorite Nearpod tool! Join Janet and Joan as we demonstrate some creative and engaging ways to use this activity in all grade levels and content areas.