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My Grievance

Here are my grievance papers , that I used to try to have a 2nd chance.

"People ask me what I was terminated for, I say I forgot to pay for a $1.38 bag of hytop beef jerkey"

-"It was extremely hard taking care of my wife who was having seizures and taking care of my 1 month old newborn who had colic, plus going to work"

"I failed"



To the members of the association committee,

My name is Joseph R , I was hired on 03/06/2007 for store "blank".I have been a dedicated and honest employee  of WinCo foods for 3 years and 7 months.

Today on 10/12/2010 I was brought upstairs to the conference room where clark and his supervisor were sitting. I sat down and started getting upset and scared immediately. I told her the only reason I was  in here cause something really bad happened. She asked if I knew why I was here, I said no. She asked if I could think of any reason of why I may be up here, I said maybe because I parked the motorcycle on the curb. I said I never stole anything and have always followed the rules.
She told me on 10/08/2010 I was observed on camera a few minutes before 5am that I went down aisle 1a, grabbed a bag of hytop beef jerky and went upstairs without paying for it. As soon as I heard that, I couldn't believe that I would do something like that; how could I forget that step to pay for it and risk my career by not paying for it. I started getting hysterical, apologizing and trying to figure out why I forgot. I told her it was a complete accident and I would never steal  from my fellow employees or let myself or my family down.

I told her I ate some before I clocked in and the rest on my lunch. I told her I stored my food in my desk and my receipt's in my wallet. I looked in my wallet for my receipt and I couldn't find it. All I could find was my receipt from when I came in at 12am that morning and paid for a vitamin water.

After a few minutes to regain my senses that this really happened, I was asked to write a statement of exactly what happened and what I remembered. In my letter I apologized to WinCo and "blank" for my actions and how much I let my family and myself down. I said I was a Star Boy Scout of America and I couldn't believe the values I was taught there, I forgot.

In about 20Min's I was done writing my statement and she came to get the paper. She told me to wait in the room while she went to talk to "blank". I started crying and hoping I could get a suspension as this was a complete accident and hoping I could keep my job.

A few minutes pass and she comes in and we head to "blank" office, As soon as I walk in, I see the money on the table and I knew that only meet one thing. I broke down and started crying and thinking how could this be happening, this cant be real. My career, my dreams with the company, all over.

He said "blank", unfortunately what happened we have to terminate you. Before he continued to speak. I said "blank" I want to say something. I want to thank you for everything you've done for me, the skills you taught me, and what a great store manager he was. I told him to thank his wife for me(store secretary store "blank") because she was always there to help me no matter what store I was located in and she was a great person. He said thanks, and said she spoke highly of me when he first came here. He read me my termination papers and I signed them. I told him I let down You, "blank", "blank", "blank","blank" and my family.
I was embarrassed and sickened with what I unwittingly did. I said "blank" can I give you back the money for the jerky or a donation to the store, he said no.

After clark and his supervisor left. I spoke with "blank" and he told me I was a excellent employee and all the great thing Ive done for this store. I asked if there was any clause that maybe I could get a suspension. He said no, and he tried everything he could.
He then asked me if I was okay because he noticed me acting a little different at work.
I told him I have been under alot of stress with "blank" situation and our baby. I told him she is on this "blank" pills and has to be watched 24/7, So she and the baby stay at her moms in "blank"  and I see them twice a week. I told him my memory has been suffering lately and I have to take notes for everything I do at work and at home.  He asked me maybe was that the reason this happened, I said possibly but I cant go back on what happened.

I am here to ask you, the employee association committee of store "blank" for forgiveness of my actions and my Job reinstated. I will even take a lie detector test. I love this company so much and I want to continue to make this my life long career. I would never intently do anything to harm this company or threaten my career with WinCo. I enjoyed everyday waking up, coming to work, and working with my fellow employees. I want to continue to help grow our esop and history of providing low priced groceries to family's all around. From my heart this was a sincere accident. I am hard working dedicated employee of the best family in the world. I need this job more then anything to be able to provide for my wife and newborn son.


Grievance 2

In the winco rules it states
"Examples of gross misconduct that could result in immediate suspension and/ or discharge, but these are not all inclusive."
theft is listed in that catagory.

Now the definition of all inclusive  means including everything or comprehensive,
now the definition of not all inclusive is that everything is not included here and is not fully comprehensive.

I was the variety manager prior to october 12th at 230pm. I worked as hard as a person could and always did what I was told to get my Job. Because I was charged with theft on oct 8th, I was terminated four days later on oct. 12.
Now lets take a rational look at this situation, I have been with the company for 3 years and 7 months, I have a wife and  a newborn son. I am always on time for work and am a dedicated individual of this company.  Why would I jeopardize my job by doing something like this.

I would never steal anything from  anyone or lie about my morals to perform a act like this.
I have not seen the video concerning this incident, but I can guarantee to you I did not hide the product when I picked it up off the shelf, or opened it before going upstairs, only a person committing theft would.

As most of us know there are cameras thruout the store and one above each check stand.
Who in there rightful mind would intentionally grab a bag of beef jerky off aisle 1a, pass by other employees on the sales floor at the time , the checker with the open lane , walk thru a check stand and go upstairs witout paying for it. Only a stupid ignorant person would do that.
I unfortunately was that stupid ignorant person.

{ Now that morning I did come into work really tired, with alot of things on my mind ; my wifes medication, and her being at home with our son alone.
I was up in the early hours that morning tending to and helping with my sons need.

I was originally scheduled that friday to work my shift of 7 to 330.
Raul asked me to train the ldp once on a opening shift and once on a frieght shift which required me to come in at 5am that fri. morning  and 12 am that sat morn. }

If I never changed my shift, I would've totally avoided this situation.

Put yourself in my shoes and turn the tables.  Do you think it is fair for a exceptional employee to be terminated based on these grounds, For a employee who turned this into there career and poured there life into this company. For a employee who wants to be here and was a asset for this company, not only as a worker, but as someone my crew looked up to for guidance and training.

People make mistakes and I need you to understand that were all human. Humans are not robots and cant be programmed to do the same thing day in and day out. We do need to eat, rest and sleep on a daily basis. As for robots, they can keep going and going like the energizer bunny.

Now I do want to give you a example of a similar situation.
There was a employee in our division who went home one day after work with merchandise in her apron and was terminted the following day, she did grive it as a accidental mistake and got her job reinstated.

2.This was my mistake, a stupid one, none the least.
Soo im here to ask you the members of the employee grievance, to find forgiveness here (in your hearts) as all people makes mistakes and this was my mistake.

This still makes me soo upset....
I cant believe a company that puts all this time and effort into a individual, builds them up, and tells them that you are the future of this company, just throws them out over a accidental mistake like this.
There have been so many people that Ive came across, from asst managers degrading people in the break room, to dept managers spending 4-5hrs upstairs on Sundays just hanging out, because the store manager isn't in, even seen a asst. manager run over someones foot, and the most that they ever got was a demotion. 

The grivance meetings that I received were unfair and biased.
Two upper management individuals that were in the meetings, contacted me after my involuntary termination and told me that everyone was there for me and wanted me to have my job back.
They told why I didnt get my job back during the first grievance and what I should say and do different during the 2nd one. I followed there advice and it made no difference .

Why cant people see that I just had a child, I was up all night, he has colic, my wife is recovering from complications. Im not gonna be 100% for a few months.Why would I jepordize, our future, his college fund, my parents retirement by doing this. I wouldnt. ESOP was everything to me and my familys.
and to top it off, I was told of the individual who turned me in before my grievance....My own employee....
She got fired for theft a month later, sneaking energy drinks in the restroom and hiding them in the trash.......
Thats theft.

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