Welcome to my website! 
Here you can find information about my research activities and main interests.

I am a PhD Candidate at Paris School of Economics under the supervision of Professor Karen MacoursMy research interests are Development Economics, Applied Micro- econometrics and Labor Economics, with a focus on human capital, gender and conflict.

E-mail: iva.trako@psemail.eu

One strand of my research explores the casual link between fertility and parental labor-force participation in the context of the Balkans (Albania). In a different research project, I use the 1998-1999 Kosovo war and the following massive displacement of people as a natural experiment in order to estimate the impact of conflict displacement on children's enrollment rates and adult’s labor market outcomes. Currently, I am working on a co-authored project, with Maria Micaela Sviatschi and Guadalupe E. Kavanaugh, in which we exploit the introduction of Women’s Justice Centers (special police stations) in Peru in order to provide causal estimates on the effects of improving access to justice for women and children.