Executive Board 2015-2016

Ari Williams - President
  • Organizes and leads membership meetings
  • Attends General Assembly and informs RHA/others of plans
  • Meets with Kyle Hovest bi-weekly for advice
  • Alerts membership of potential leadership opportunities along with Rebecca Holbrook and Kyle Hovest (GLACURH, LEAD IU, etc.)

Grace Fillip - Vice President of Internal Affairs
  • Oversees homecoming activities
  • Oversees induction/new member orientation
  • Focuses on members first; things to get members excited (social events, foods, etc.)

Shraddha Madhav - Director of Finance
  • Oversees all transactions and NRHH's  Student Organization Account

Kelaiah Awoyemi  - Director of Communications
  • Writes press releases
  • Advertises for events
  • Designs all NRHH apparel 
  • Works on NRHH social media (Twitter, Facebook, this website)

Trenton Dunham - Director of Recognition
  • Oversees OTMs and OTYs
  • Passes along OTM winners to regional level
  • Recognizes member participation

Nate Rollison - Director of Community Involvement
  • Contacts outside Bloomington organizations for possible service projects
  • Organizes members to participate in service
  • Possibly work with RHA directors of Environmental and Philanthropy

Simon Willard- Director of Recruitment Outreach
  • Recruits future NRHH members
  • Advertises NRHH on campus  

VACANT- Conference Coordinator
  • Representes the Thomas J. Hennessey Chapter at regional and national conferences

Rebecca Holbrook, Kyle Hovest, and Sean Riordan - Advisors