Working papers under and work in progress

  • Itziar Lazkano & Linda Nøstbakken, "A Theory Model of Electricity Storage."
  • Itziar Lazkano, "Intermittent Renewable Energy and Power Stations."
  • Itziar Lazkano & Linh Pham, "Substitution Between Energy Sources in Electricity Generation."
  • Itziar Lazkano & Linh Pham, "Which Fossil fuel Taxes Promote Innovation in Renewable Electricity Generation?"
  • Itziar Lazkano, "Clean Technology Adoption and Sustainable Growth."
  • Itziar Lazkano, Emily Tyner & Matrina Mpeketula Soko, "The effects of clean water on children's health: a case study from Lake Malawi."