3nd Workshop on Intelligent Support for Learning in Groups

at the 12th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems

June 5, 2014

Honolulu, Hawaii USA


Jihie Kim :

Roberto Martinez :

Short Papers

Session 1

Classroom Discourse Analyzer: Leveraging Discourse Analytics for Teacher Learning.

Sherice Clarke, Gaowei Chen & Lauren Resnick.

Towards Instrumenting Collaborative Learning and Assessment in the Digital Ocean.

Ilya Goldin & Bruce M. McLaren.

“Tell me about the process”: Exploring Visual Analytics to unveil Collaboration and Concept Mapping Processes.

Catherine Lemonnier, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado & Kalina Yacef.

Question Asking during the Collaborative Problem Solving Environments.

Haiying Li, Danielle Clewley, Arthur Graesser & David Shaffer.

Supporting Social Metacognition and Deliberative Skills through Reflective Tools and Facilitator Support.

Tom Murray.

Session 2

Building an Orchestrable Tool to Help Teachers Design and Conduct Collaborative ER Diagramming Activities.

Mario R. Moreno-Sabido, Didier Moreno-Vazquez, Danice Cano-Barron & Roberto Martinez-Maldonado.

Indicators of Conversational Interactivity in COMPS Problem-Solving Dialogues.

Michael Glass, Jung Kim, Kelvin Bryant & Melissa Desjarlais.

Question Classification in an Epistemic Game.

Haiying Li, Borhan Samei, Andrew Olney, Arthur Graesser & David Shaffer.

Collaboration on Procedural Problems May Support Conceptual Knowledge More than You May Think.

Jennifer Olsen, Daniel Belenky, Vincent Aleven & Nikol Rummel.

Position Papers

Panel 1: How do we take lessons from learning sciences research and make this actionable in the ITS community?

Tutor Dialogue Planning with Contextual Information and Discourse Structure

Robert Fisher and Reid Simmons.

The Role of Context in Intelligent Support for Learning in Groups

Erin Walker.

Panel 2: How can we use technology to enhance the contributions of learning sciences on aspects of group formation and pairing students?

An Approach for Spontaneous Formation of High- performance Groups in Intelligent Collaborative Learning Environments Using Gamification

Simone Borges and Seiji Isotani.

Supporting Learners’ Group Formation with Reciprocal Recommender Technology

Kalina Yacef and Bruce McLaren.


9:00 Open Ceremony

9:15 Keynote: Professor Cindy Hmelo-Silver: Collaborative learning: Perspectives from the Learning Sciences

9:45 Guided conversation

10:15 Firehose poster presentation 1

10:30 Break

11:00 Poster session 1

11:30 Discussion of posters

12:00 Panel 1: modeling interactions

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Firehose poster presentation 2

1:45 Poster session 2

2:15 Discussion of posters

2:30 Panel 2: group formation and instrumentation

3:00 Break

3:30 Breakout sessions

4:30 Final discussion and calls to action