I am an Associate Professor / Reader at the School of Economics, University of Edinburgh and a CEPR Research Affiliate in Organizational Economics.
My primary research area is microeconomic theory, with particular focus on information and mechanism design.

Email: ina.taneva[at]ed.ac.uk

Address: The University of Edinburgh

School of Economics

31 Buccleuch Place

Edinburgh, EH8 9JT




"On Information Design in Games" with Laurent Mathevet and Jacopo Perego

Journal of Political Economy, volume 128(4), 2020, 1370-1404. Supplementary Appendix

"Information Design"

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, volume 11(4), 2019, 151-185.

''Finite Supermodular Design with Interdependent Valuations'' with Laurent Mathevet

Games and Economic Behavior, volume 82, 2013, 327-349.

Working Papers

"Strategic Ignorance and Information Design" with Tom Wiseman (December 2021, NEW)

"Organized Information Transmission" with Laurent Mathevet R code (January 2022, NEW)

''Optimal Precision of Information in Second Price Auctions''

Work in Progress

"Information and Higher-Order Reasoning" with Brian Rogers

"Monetary and Informational Incentives" with Laurent Mathevet and Dong Wei


University of Edinburgh

    • PhD Level: Advanced Topics in Economic Theory (Spring 2020)

    • MSc Level (SGPE): Microeconomics 1 (Fall 2017-2020)

    • Undergraduate Level: Mathematics for Economics (Fall 2014-2015)