I am a Senior Economist (Monetary Policy Research Division) at Banque de France.

My research focuses on central bank communication and on building measures of monetary policy uncertainty as perceived by market participants and studying their effect on the economy.

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Conference Discussions

  • Strategic interactions in preparing for committee meetings by Michael Ehrmann, Robin Tietz, Bauke Visser, Macro Workshop, Bundesbank 2019

  • Central Bank Communication that Works: Lessons from Lab Experiments by Oleksiy Kryvtsov and Luba Petersen, Joint Conference on Household Expectations, Bundesbank 2019

  • Enhancing central bank communications using simple and relatable information by Bholat, Broughton, Ter Meer and Walczak, NBU Annual Research Conference 2019

  • The Evolving Scope and Content of Central Bank Speeches by Pierre L. Siklos, Samantha St. Amand and Joanna Wajda, BoC Central Bank Communications Conference 2018

  • Peer Effects in Central Banking by Roman Horvath, ICMAIF 2018, Crete

  • Heterogeneous Inflation Expectations within a Monetary Union by Michal L. Kobielarz, 7th IWH/INFER 2017

  • Attenuating the Forward Guidance Puzzle: Implications for Optimal Monetary Policy by Taisuke Nakata, Sebastian Schmidt, Paul Yoo, T2M Lisbon 2017