Research Economist
Monetary Policy Research Division
Banque de France

Subjective Interest Rate Uncertainty and the Macroeconomy: A Cross-country Analysis
with Sarah Mouabbi 
 forthcoming, Journal of International Money and Finance (pdf) (data)

Book Chapters

Perceived FOMC: The Making of Hawks, Doves and Swingers
with Michael Bordo
 in "Hawks and Doves: Deeds and Words - Economics and Politics of Monetary Policymaking"
(ed. Eijffinger S., Masciandaro D.), CEPR Press, London, 2018, pg 41-61

Working Papers
Economic Policy Uncertainty and Inflation Expectations
with Anamaria Piloiu

Delayed Overshooting Puzzle in Structural Vector Autoregression Models 
with Balazs Vonnak

Public Opinion on Central Banks when Economic Policy is Uncertain 
with Anamaria Piloiu

Research Projects
A Framework for Model Comparison and Policy Analysis: Macroeconomic Modeling after the Financial Crisis 
with Volker Wieland, Meguy Kuete, Sebastian Schmidt, Fabio Verona, Maik Wolters and Jinhyuk Yoo. 
Link to the MMB project here