What's included in the plans?

Can I make copies of the plans?

Why do you need a site address?

What is a site address?

The plans don't fit my lot, can I return them?

I can't open the CAD file, what's wrong?

I printed your plans and they look terrible!

Your plans are awesome! I need some to be reversed though.

What criteria do you design your plans under?

I'm building the house myself, can you help me?

I don't understand your notes, can you help?

Your plans are flawed, can I get a refund?

How much does istockhouseplans.com charge for shipping?

Can't I get the plans any faster? I need to submit them to the city tomorrow!

If I buy multiple plans, will istockhouseplans.com give me a discount?

I'd like to get a study set, where can I do that?

I hate computers, can I get an old fashioned paper plan book?

I think I saw some of your plans on someone else's website. Do you know about this?