Why use us?

I STOCK House Plans carries many select houseplans designed with a classic look and a modern feel. We are very fond of the true craftsman and bungalow style from the turn of the century. Many houseplans do not have garages but there are several detached garage plans to choose from.

All of our houseplans are drawn in an attempt to make them economical to build. We shun dimensions like 24'-4". Our goal is to create as little construction waste as possible. We encourage builders to consider using our alternate framing details, included with every plan. These options will create even less construction waste and better energy efficiency for the home. We also recommend tankless hot water heaters and radiant floor heat. While these items cost more to install, they will lower the homeowners' utility bills, providing savings in the long run.

We make it simple

For your convenience, house plan numbers are based on the width and depth of the plan. For instance, the Belmont series are 32' wide and 32' deep. Multi-family plans are graded in the same manner, but multiply the width by the number after the dash, if there is one. The Montavilla 3 is 75' wide. Garage sizes are based on the number of bays, denoted by the final numeral in the plan number. The Pine series of garages are 2-car and 2-car oversized.

Most houseplans are available with multiple foundation choices. Please specify which type you would like when ordering.

Have it your way!

Sometimes our plans may not be exactly what you are looking for.  We are pleased to make modifications for you.  Maybe you want to move a wall, add a basement or attach a garage.  No problem!  We have reasonable rates and quick turnaround times.  For deeper revisions we might recommend going with a custom plan.  It may be quicker and cheaper to draw from scratch rather than making extensive revisions to something existing.  Of course you can contact us for details.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ.  We are also kid friendly!