This is a compendium of information on ArmA 2 island configuration and (some aspects of) creation. I was originally going to post a thread on the BI forums asking in a very open-ended manner what people had figured out about island configs that wasn't common knowledge, but that seemed a tad useless and not very helpful. So I thought I'd add what I already knew to the thread... except that would have made for a very long thread. Instead, I just put that information here.

Bear in mind that a lot of the information on configs here, apart from the stuff that's been tested by other people, is mostly speculation and might not actually do what I think it does. Other than that, have fun and please point out errors or submit new info on configs by PMing me on the BI forums.

- cctoide

Topics covered here


General island editing

Other island editing resources

  • PMC Editing Wiki
    A valuable collection of data on editing ArmA, ArmA 2 and OA.
  • BI Forums map editing subforum
    The best way of using the forums to answer your island creation questions is probably googling with the "site:forums.bistudio.com" string. A lot of the threads linked to in the pages here were found by searching for keywords in this way.
    Hosts many downloadable tutorials and other information.
  • Mikero's PboDll
    On the technical side of things, Mikero's PboDll project at DevHeaven offers a series of useful applications for handling BI file formats.
  • BI Community Wiki
    Island editing information is a bit disorganized on the Biki, but there is still lots of important information to be found here, some of it coming straight from the BI devs.


23 February 2011 - Added a page on Miscellaneous facts discovered while looking through BI's islands for clues on their map creation workflow.
16 September 2010 - Added a few in-game map examples of names with diacritics to the CfgWorlds: Names page.
6 August 2010 - Added other island editing resources to the home page.
2 August 2010 - Added the Vegetation types page.
28 July 2010 - Added more in-depth explanation of ILS setup with illustrations to CfgWorlds: Island class & others.