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Band History


The original Island Blue Rose was formed in 2010
 with band members:

Sharon Klassen, Guitar & Vocals
Linda Thorburn, 5 string banjo
George Sloan, Mandolin
Sheena McCorquodale, Fiddle 

Shortly after the Band formed, George
 moved to Nova Scotia.


The second line up of
 Island Blue Rose ~ 2011:

Sharon Klassen, Guitar
Linda Thorburn, 5 String Banjo
Kazimea Sokil, Mandolin
Luann Burton, Bass

********************     2010 BIOS     ********************

Sharon Klassen 
(Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals/Harmonies, Mandolin)
Known as the Music Lady of Errington, Sharon has sung and played a variety of music 
since arriving on the island in 1991.  Her love of bluegrass & theatre combine to meet many new faces.  
Playing guitar and mandolin is a dream come true these past 10 years. 
Sharon is indeed, the voice of Blue Rose.

Linda Thorburn 
Hopelessly immersed in the 5 string banjo, Linda has played bluegrass banjo for 34 years.  
She is definitely bluegrass driven and is a
walking encyclopedia of bluegrass information.
Linda is a bluegrass director for the Coombs Community Organization and 
a volunteer for the Coombs Bluegrass Festival.  Also she is  an organizer
of the newly formed Mid Island Bluegrass Society and a pioneer volunteer
of the first Lighthouse Bluegrass Festival.
Kazimea Sokil 
(Mandolin, Lead Vocals/Harmonies, Rhythm Guitar)
Kazimea is a creative arts therapist from Courtenay, her first stringed
 instrument was a ukulele at age 11.    She now plays 13 instruments and
 thinks nothing of learning another one or two.   She has taken up writing bluegrass
 songs lately, and there's no shortage of them either. 
Always busy, she still finds time to play in her polka band from
 Courtenay, "Garlic and Moonshine".
Luann Burton
(Bass,Lead Vocals/Harmonies)
Luann began her music career in bluegrass starting with the fiddle, guitar and then
 acoustic bass.  A great singer and wonderful songwriter, Luann has found
 her niche in bluegrass.  
Luann keeps busy with her own sign making business,  
Itty Bitty Sign Shop ~ Sidney BC ittybittysignshop.ca
and still finds time to play with another bluegrass
 band ~ Corner Grass Bluegrass Band, 
where she resides in Sidney BC.


Here's a gig Sharon was not able to make, so Marlene  came to our rescue.

Shortly after this lineup changed to:
Kazimea on guitar
Luann on bass
Linda on banjo
Sheena on Fiddle & Harps

September 26, 2010 at the Crow and Gate Market

Kazimea - vocals / guitar / mandolin

Marlene - vocals / mandolin / guitar
Linda - banjo
Luann - vocals / bass
Sheena - fiddle / harmonica / vocals

That sure was a fun day, and we all went home with lots of goodies too!





Island Blue Rose
at the Lighthouse Community Centre on Feb 13, 2011
hosting the OPEN MIC and the MIBS (Mid Island Bluegrass) MONTHLY JAM


********************     2014-2015     ********************

A couple of Buds who played for Blue Rose

JAMES TELFER ~ Guitar/Mandolin ~ Lead Vocals/Harmonies
James discovered Bluegrass music in the 80's. 
He already played guitar but switched styles to become a flat-picker. 
His love of music led him to the mandolin as well.
ERIC DAY ~ Mandolin/Guitar/Fiddle ~ Lead Vocals/Harmonies
For Eric it all began with country music, then he got into Bluegrass in the 80's.  
In addition to guitar and mandolin, he can persuade a tune out of all stringed instruments.
A veteran of Bluegrass music and 'the chop', he's always ready to play.